A Great Idea for Your Holiday Table

Hello, everyone.  Before we get to today’s revisit from last November, I wanted to tell you that my mom is having surgery on her right hand this morning.  She will be in a cast up to her elbow for six weeks and then will have six weeks of physical therapy.  She will be in quite a bit of pain for the first few days, and then will have to live life using just her left hand for a while.  Typing will be a challenge so her posts will probably be a lot shorter than usual, but once she recovers, she will be back to her old self.  Now, let’s get to the post.  Little Miss and I are driving to Lexington today and will be there for the weekend.

Add Some Shine to Your Holiday Table

Silver Plated Trays Make Great Chargers for the Holiday Table - The 2 Seasons

Do you love setting a special holiday table like most of us do?  Do you like for it to be traditional but also have a little bit of an edge?  Well, we came up with a great substitute for traditional plate chargers.  And here’s the thing……they are easily found, can cost around just one or two dollars, are easy to store, and get the job done.  We bet you are wondering what it is.

Use silver trays as chargers for your holiday table - The 2 Seasons

It’s round silver plated trays!   If you ever visit a thrift store or consignment shop, you will probably see a stack of silver plated trays nestled in among the random plates, drinking glasses, and mugs.


 Add Some Shine With Your Chargers


A great idea for your holiday table is to use silver trays as chargers - The 2 Seasons

They might be tarnished, but with just a little bit of silver polish (we like Wright’s silver cream which you can find at your local grocery or here), they can shine up to look almost like new.

They’re Easy to Find


Use silver trays as chargers on your holiday table = The 2 Seasons

It’s okay if they are different patterns because the round serving trays are usually all about the same size.  And that size is just perfect for a dinner plate to sit on.  The trays turned chargers add a little bit of sparkle to your table, and every table needs some sparkle.  Don’t you think?


Thanksgiving table idea - Use silver trays as chargers - The 2 Seasons

So, just go to your favorite thrift store and start snooping around.  We bet you can find some trays to use.  If might take one or more visits, but if you ask the workers about it, they might just go to the back and bring some out for you. The tray – turned charger – that you see here in the photos was actually a wedding gift we received years ago, and since then, I have happily added to the collection.  Happy hunting!  And oh, if you want to see another way Jordan loves using silver plated trays, check this out.


Take care.


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  1. Mary Johns says

    Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I so enjoy your blogs. You have become a part of my daily routine before a run or bike ride and after checking out the beautiful Tucson sunrise. Hugs! Mary