A Chair Upgrade for Two

If you have an old chair sitting around, and it needs a little chair upgrade, then we hope today’s post will inspire you.  I had two chairs that I loved, but they weren’t living their best lives.  Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this house will be a combination of high/low and new /old items.  These chairs are definitely on the low end, but the way I upgraded them was on the high end.

Chair Upgrade #1

Chair upgrade before - The 2 Seasons

Let’s look at the first one.  I bought this rattan chair at a garage sale here in Lexington over a year ago for $10.00.  I thought my daughter-in-law might want it to accompany a rattan table she has in a guest room.  She felt there wasn’t enough room for the chair in her space.  I held onto it because I just liked the whimsy of it.  However, I knew that in order for it to grow up, it needed a cushion.

Chair upgrade - The 2 Seasons

So, I made a trip to my local fabric shop, selected some fun fabric that was on the high end and asked them to custom make a cushion for the chair.  A few days later, the cushion was ready, and I was so happy with the results.

Chair upgrade - The 2 Seasons

I put the chair in a corner of our kitchen and plan to order a floor lamp to use beside her.  It will be a perfect spot for me to read, and it will be a welcoming spot for a guest to sit and chat with me while I prepare a meal.  Life the rug in yesterday’s post, it has lots of colors in it including my favorite navy blue.

Chair Upgrade #2

Chair upgrade - The 2 Seasons

You’ve seen this chair before.

Old French park chair - The 2 Seasons

I hung it on the wall in the sunroom of our last house.  I have two of these chairs, and they are chippy beauties that came from a park in Paris.  (I am selling the second one, so if any local is interested, send us an email).  Now it is the chair that I use in my makeup vanity in our master bath.  It, too, needed an upgrade to be worthy of the master bath.

Chair upgrade - The 2 Seasons

Once again I went to my local fabric shop and selected a fabric, and once again, they made a cushion for me.  I picked it up today, and it looks so great in our bathroom.

Chair upgrade - The 2 Seasons

These two chairs that were not really anything special now look so much better and are living a second life in our new home. Is there a chair upgrade in your future.  We hope you have gotten some inspiration from us today.  Thank you for stopping in.

Take care.