A Peek at the Nursery

Since we are grandparents to a 10-month old and hope to add some more grandchildren to the mix, we thought it would be practical to add a nursery to our new place.  We have plenty of space and bedrooms, so using one of them for the babies seemed like a practical thing to do.  My look for this house is high/low and new/old.  That means it will have fine pieces of furniture and art along with less expensive items.  It will have new pieces that will mix in with family heirlooms and favorites that we have purchased along the way.  So far, we have been really lucky in that everything we have brought into this new home is playing well with everything else.  It is truly an eclectic look, and I’m loving it.  I love neutral walls and floors but also love color.  We are using splashes of colors all over the house, but again, the colors all play well together.  (When I give you peeks of these rooms, they are not “styled” for a big reveal, and I’m only using my iphone.  When things settle down, I plan to take proper photos and share them with you.)

Townhouse nursery - The 2 Seasons

For the nursery, my plan was to buy a used crib on Craig’s List and then put a new mattress in it.  However, I found this adorable baby crib here, and it was not much more than a used one would have been.  I bought the mattress and the mattress pad at the same time.  So, that’s one of the new items we purchased for this house.

Twonhouse nursery - The 2 Seasons

I wanted the nursery to be bright and cheery and found this adorably colorful rug here.  It has every color in the rainbow and a few more and adds brightness to an already sunny room.  Although I like a traditional look, the colorful and somewhat contemporary rug fits right in with everything else.  A nursery is the perfect spot to have some fun with color, don’t you think?

Townhouse nursery - The 2 Seasons

Then I started pulling in things that we already owned.  I rocked both of our babies in the navy wicker rocker, which was white back then.  It seems only fitting to put it in our grandchildren’s nursery.  It was in the guest room in our last place.  I bought a pink leopard remnant at my local fabric store (Rag Peddler for you locals) and wrapped it around the existing cushion.  That will make future changes easier in case this room needs to host a boy someday.  I had enough of the fabric to also make a pillow.  The pink gingham pillow covers were purchased at Ikea, and they were in used in the springtime guest room at our last house, too.

Townhouse nursery - The 2 Seasons

Lulubelle, who used to hang over the table in our last kitchen, now presides over the nursery and keeps a watch over the little one.  The dresser was the very first piece of furniture we ever had.  My grandfather gave it to us as newlyweds, and it was white.  Mike stripped the paint from it when we had been married a few months.  Although I am told that “yellow furniture” is totally dated and out of style, I love how the colors in Lulubelle match this dresser so well.  I also think my husband would not be happy if I painted the dresser after he worked so hard to remove paint from it.  It will be a perfect changing table.

Townhouse nursery - The 2 Seasons

And finally, this little chest was the first piece of new furniture that we purchased as newlyweds.  It was maple, but since then has been many colors.  We like the Napoleanic blue chalk paint that is on it now.  The black mirror that hangs over it was in Mike’s office bathroom at our last house.  I am liking navy and black together in this house, and both colors are in the rug.

Townhouse nursery - The 2 Seasons

I have been working with my friend Beth Harper, also known as The Lone Rearranger, to fit our furniture and art into this place.  I had this room arranged in a whole different way, and Beth walked in, made a few adjustments, and it was so much better.  I am so glad to have Beth Harper along on this journey.  You will see more of her work as we go through our  home.


Take care.


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