How to Clean a Seagrass Rug Border

Welcome to a new week, everyone!  It’s going to be a busy one for us.  I’m flying to Charlotte to spend some time with Jordan and her family, and we are going to see “Hamilton.”  Then we are all driving to DC to watch our son run in his first (and possibly only) marathon. Oh, and the painters are supposed to finish the touch-ups here at our new house, and we will be able to stick a fork in it and call it, “Done!”  Meanwhile, I have a great tip to share with you today.  I am going to tell you how to clean a seagrass rug border.  We have two seagrass rugs that are in perfectly good condition except the neutral colored borders around the edges were dirty in spots because we walked across those areas frequently.  And we have shoes for only indoors, so go figure. We wanted to use the rugs in our new place, but I didn’t want to use them in their dirty condition. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and scrub out the dirt.

How To Clean A Seagrass Rug Border

How to clean a rug border - The 2 Seasons

Since the rugs were dirty, my thought process was that I wouldn’t use them like that.  If my experiment failed, then I wasn’t out anything.

How to clean a rug border - The 2 Seasons

First of all, this is not an ad or a sponsored post, but I have always had great luck using Pine Sol as a spot remover.  If I get something greasy on a garment, I just add a little Pine Sol straight out of the bottle to the spot, put the item in the washer, and it always comes out clean.  Ditto for a spot on a piece of furniture or rug.  I simply use a wet cloth, add a bit of Pine Sol to it, and scrub or dab away until the spot comes out.  I used to love Lestoil, but I can’t find it in stores any more.  Do any of you see it where you live?

The Process

How to clean a rug border - The 2 Seasons

So, my plan for cleaning the border was to add some Pine Sol to a bowl of warm water, and use an old wash cloth to just scrub away at the spots and stains until they disappeared.

How to clean a rug border - The 2 Seasons

I used quite a bit of the mixture and got the border pretty wet.  I knew that if I scrubbed it evenly, it would dry evenly.

 The Results

How to clen a seagrass rug border - The 2 Seasons

The results were just what I was hoping for.  After drying, which took a few hours, the border looks brand new.

How to clean a seagrass rug border - The 2 Seasons

I am so happy with the results and know that I will get lots more use of our our two seagrass rugs.  If you have a rug with a soiled border, you might want to try cleaning it.  It’s always fun to get a few more years out of something you love.


Take care.


  1. Barbara O’Connell says

    I am anxious to try this tip. If this does not work, my only solution is to try painting the border which I was not looking forward to doing.