Traveling to Slovenia

Hi everyone. We are in full on fall here in Charlotte, and I am finally getting around to writing about our summer vacation.  Last year we decided to take a family trip to Europe in 2018 and take Little Miss. We felt it was an easy flight (compared to Thailand), and we really thought she would enjoy it. We love Rick Steves, so we looked at his book for Slovenia, Croatia.  We added some time at the end of our trip for Bosnia and Croatia. We basically followed his two week trip and had a blast.

Rick Steves book - Traveling to Slovenia

Our flight over was super easy. We took a direct flight to Munich and had a quick layover to change planes and head to Ljubljana in Slovenia.  Our flight was a red eye, and it did take some time for Little Miss to fall asleep. Eventually, we were all able to get some sleep on the plane

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Here were are ready to go.


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When we arrived at the airport there, our bodies were a little tired, but we knew we had to stay up and work through it.  We rented the car we had for the next two weeks, and we made the short drive to Lake Bled.  Oh my!  Lake Bled was so beautiful, and I was shocked at Slovenia and how beautiful the country was. I really want to go back and see more.  Add it to your list.  There was a couple mile path around the lake, and we took the stroller and walked it.  We wanted Little Miss to have the option of resting when she was tired of walking. One thing that really impressed me is that the people were not on their phones.  They were enjoying family time and nature.

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We stayed at a small farm, and Little Miss loved seeing all of the animals.  We were close enough to town that we were able to walk there.  The next day we rented a small row boat and rowed out to tour the church.  It was so peaceful.

Honey Bees in Slovenia

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Beekeeping in huge in Slovenia.  Supposedly the honey bees are friendly in this country, and there are beehives everywhere.  The beehives are colorful and a story is painted on the hives.  We enjoyed learning more about the honeybees. The fun part was the honey tasting.  I am always so amazed how different the honey can taste based on the time of year it was collected.

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We even went to a beekeeping museum, and Little Miss loved the beehives that looked like houses.  Who knew?

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I tested out how honey collecting was done back in the day.  Let’s just say that it was not that comfortable, but for how much I love honey, it would be worth it.

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We loved exploring some other towns and seeing old churches.  We made sure to try out the homemade gelato which was a favorite of our girl.

Green Space

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We loved having a car, and we did some beautiful scenic mountain drives.  These two loved stopping at all the hanging bridges.

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Our view from a hanging bridge.  I stopped to take this picture, and then I booked it across that bridge!

Historic Towns

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We spent two days in Ljubljana, and that town won my heart.  It was a city with such a good feel, lots of history, beautiful buildings, and it was not very touristy.  This area in the square had wires so high up, and they were hard to see, but it felt as if it was raining down on us.  We had some gelato, and it was so fun to watch people trying to figure out where the water was coming from.  We all loved this, and it cooled us down.

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We did lots of sightseeing, but we always found a playground for Little Miss to play.  We met other families ,and it was so fun to see our daughter play with children from different countries.  They would talk to each other in their own language and just laugh and have fun.  We have a lot to learn by watching kids interact.


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Slovenia has a great cave system, and we spent a whole morning exploring.  We took a 20 minute trolley ride to get into the heart of the cave system.  If felt like Disney, but the whole thing was real and spectacular.  Pictures do not do it justice.

IMG 1539 768x1024 - Traveling to Slovenia

We visited quite a few castles.  We were told Disney princesses lived in them, and that kept our girl wanting to see more.  Many days we would grab picnic food at a grocery store in the morning, and find a spot to have a leisurely lunch.  One day this was our view while we had our lunch.  It was breathtaking.

Oh Slovenia, you are a beautiful country – the landscapes, the buildings, and the people.  We loved every bit of it.  I hope I didn’t  overwhelm you with photos.  This is the edited down version!




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  1. Kathie says

    I always enjoy your posts Jordan, and there is no such thing as too many photos! Your trip looks lovely, what a wonderful experience for your little princess. You have a beautiful family!!