Five Reason to Love Plantation Shutters

We just had plantation shutters added to all of the windows in our new place.  This is the third house in which we have used them.  Jordan has plantation shutters on all of her windows, too, and this is her second house to have them.  We both love plantation shutters for so many reasons.  If you have been thinking about adding them to your windows, maybe this post will help you make that decision.  Granted, they are pricey, but it’s a one time expense.  You can purchase them at big box stores, but we have always opted to have them custom made.  That means that a professional will measure the windows, will install the shutters, they will fit each window properly, and if something goes wrong, the company will fix them.  Here are our five reasons for owning plantation shutters.

Townhouse exterior - The 2 Seasons

They Look Great from the Outside

We hope you enjoy this photo of our last house which had shutters.  Maybe it’s because we are southern girls, but we both think that plantation shutters give our homes a southern vibe. I love for all of the windows on a home look unified from the outside.  It’s just a much cleaner look.  That means that if a house has curtains, I prefer all of the curtains to be lined in either white or creamy fabric so they will look unified from the street.  Plantation shutters definitely give a unified look.  You have a choice on the size of slats to use in the shutters.  We have two inch slats, and Jordan has three inch slats.  Three inch slats allow more light to come into your home.

Dining room reveal - The 2 Seasons

They Look Great from the Inside

Like I said, I love a unified look in a home.  I like to walk from one room to another and feel as if I’m in the same house.  It’s easily done with paint colors and fabric colors that are in the same color family and that play well together.  Having plantation shutters on the windows contributes to that feeling and look.  They’re a common element throughout the house that help provide an easy transition from room to room.

Dining room platters 1024x987 - Five Reason to Love Plantation Shutters

They’re  Convenient

Plantation shutters allow me to “put the house to bed” at night and to “wake it up” each morning.  When the sun goes down and we turn on the lights, I go around the house and close the shutter slats.  That gives us privacy and gives our home a night time cozy feel.  When we get up each morning, we open the slats and let the sun shine in.  We also have the option of having the bottom halves of the shutters closed for privacy and the upper slats open to light the light in.

Dining room light - The 2 Seasons

Plantation Shutters Insulate

Believe it or not, plantation shutters provide insulation on a very cold day and on a very hot day.  If the temperatures are hovering in the 90’s, closing the shutters will help keep the heat and sun out even if you have top of the line windows that are working perfectly.  Ditto for those cold and windy winter days.  Closing the shutters adds an extra layer of protection against Mother Nature.

MAster bedroom - The 2 Seasons

Curtains Can Still Be Used

Our last favorite thing about planation shutters is that they can stand hang alone, or they can be paired with curtains.  If you are a person who loves curtains to soften the look of your windows and the room, then you can still have curtains.  They add a degree of elegance when you have both curtains and shutters.  It all depends on your tastes and how you want to room to look, feel, and work.  The neutral shutters just provide a backdrop for the curtains.


So, there you have it……five reasons to love plantation shutters.  Do you have them, or are you thinking about getting them?  Did we help you make a decision?


Take care.





  1. Kate L says

    I have always loved plantation shutters for all the reasons you mentioned here!! Sadly, the windowsills of our 100+ year old house will not accommodate them (we have tried more than one custom-fit company in town). Fortunately, our winter escape condo on the coast of southern Georgia has them in all the windows so I can get my plantation shutter fix there!!