A Peek at the Powder Room

Hello everyone!  We are still unpacking boxes here at our new place, and furniture is still piled up in one of the rooms.  We are making progress, though, and we are having fun.  One board that is being made and custom painted to cover the stove’s vent to the outside is holding up everything.  Once that vent cover is in place (we are told next week), then the carpenters can replace a strip of molding, and the painters can do their touch up work.  That’s all we need.  The courtyard is finished, and the landscapers will begin the front as soon as the soil dries some. All of the furniture is in place on the second and third floors, and we just need to add those cozy touches.  I have always said that if you can cook a meal and have a bed to sleep in, then everything else is gravy.  Well, I have been cooking, baking, and sleeping well, so all is good.

Townhouse powder room - The 2 Seasons

Although it is certainly not ready yet for a reveal, I thought it would be fun to give you a peek at the powder room so you can see the walllpaper you selected.  You can read that post here.  Lucky for me, your favorite was also my favorite.  It was a bold choice, but a powder room is a great place to do something a little crazy.  Since we used bead board on the bottom, the pattern isn’t so overwhelming.  I would not have gone with this pattern without the bead board, which is a nod to the historic neighborhood.  I just feel as if the original house that sat on this property would have had bead board in their powder room.

Townhouse powder room progress - The 2 Seasons

The powder room still needs accessories, but that will happen after all of the boxes are unpacked.  The finish on the floor is dark walnut, and we really are happy with it.

Townhouse powder room progress - The 2 Seasons

I’m on the lookout for a mirror.  I have no clue what I am looking for, but when I see it, I’ll know it.  And by the way, the powder room does not have a window, so the photos have to be taken with the lights on.  I hope you enjoyed this little peek of the powder room.  There will be more to come.


Take care.