Tuesday Thoughts

Hi, everyone! Happy Tuesday.  Yesterday was a little gray and cool, and it was drizzling a little bit.  So you know what? I went to our crawl space and finally pulled out the fall box.  I don’t do a ton of fall decorating, but I like to add some velvet pumpkins and other touches around the house.  Enjoy today’s Tuesday Thoughts.


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Yankee and I have been binge watching Ozarks, but some nights we want something a little lighter.  We discovered the show Stay Here on Netflix.  Two designers redo the design and marketing of overnight rental properties so they will bring in more guests which means more money.  It makes us want to get a place we can fix up and rent.  They have great pointers and tips, and the design is fun.


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This summer Mom and I embarked on really embracing our curls with the Curly Girl Method.  There are days when I hate my hair, and there are days when I can see my hair getting healthier after all the years of straightening.  Everything we have read says it is a process, and I believe it.  I thought it is good to show a current picture so that I will be able to track my process on this journey.  If you want to learn more about the Curly Girl Method, check out this post.

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I have been looking on Etsy for some original art, and this artist just has some beautiful things.  I wanted to tell you about her.  I love the feel of this print and all its vibrant colors.


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I feel I always mention what our book club is reading, and the last book was  Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate . This book has thousands of reviews on Amazon, and is a New York Times bestseller.   I will say it was good, but I also didn’t like it.  There were some very tough parts to read.  I am an adoptive mother who is currently waiting to bring our son home.  I have no control over what is happening in his life right now, and that is tough.  This was not the book to read at this point in my life.  I learned part of the story was based on a true story, and that made it even harder.


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When we were in Bosnia at the end of the summer, one of the street markets made us feel as if we were in Turkey.  I have some Turkish hand towels and decided to get some Turkish bath towels at the market.  I love them and really do feel they get softer with each wash.  Yankee is not 100% on board yet, so we still have our regular cotton towels.  I found these Turkish towels, and they are so fun with all the colors.  I am hoping to get some more in the future.


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I just read about this alternative to painters tape.  This green goo is brushed onto a nonfiberous surface (not carpet, rugs, etc) but stone, brick.  You let it dry, and then you can paint your surface because this will now act as your painters’ tape.  When you are finished, you just peel it off.  Brilliant!  This would have been so much easier to use when I painted our backsplash.  If I paint our tile floor in our powder room, I will use this instead of painters’ tape.  One tub of this product equals four rolls of  tape.  So, so clever.


Mom’s movers are coming today.  The appliances were delivered yesterday and are being installed today.  She hopes to cook her first meal in the new house tonight if she has any energy left.  That’s it for our Tuesday Thought.  We hope you enjoyed them.




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