How to Decorate a Blank Wall

Hi everyone!  Large blanks walls have always been tough for me to decorate.  I used to think that you had do large art.  Today I wanted to share some other options on how to decorate a blank wall.


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Use mirrors.  Mirrors are great to use on a large wall.  I have a big wall in our dining room that has a smaller mirror filled with botanical prints around it, but I have been eyeing this mirror for a long time. It is bigger, and I like the details. Nowadays there are so many types to fill a room, and mirrors will help reflect more light and also reflect movement.


Hand-painted Murals

Hadn painted Walls - How to Decorate a Blank Wall


When I was little girl, my parents had an animal mural painted in my bedroom.  I loved that mural and remember talking to the animals and just looking at them.  A hand-painted mural doesn’t have to be just for children.  You can find artists who will do a mural in your own house, and they can be stunning ljust ike this one.  Or if you are creative you can try it yourself.  The blogger Miss Mustard Seed just painted a room-sized mural in her dining room, and it is wonderful.   If you paint a mural and decide you don’t like it, you can just paint over it.


Peony Decals 1 - How to Decorate a Blank Wall

If painting makes you nervous, you can do large decals.  There are so many types available.  Here are some beautiful peony decals that look like they are painted.


arrow decals - How to Decorate a Blank Wall

If you want something not as bold, you can do a whole wall of these arrow decals to add some interest.


Make Smaller Art Bigger

Make art look larger - The 2 Seasons

Do you have a large space, but you do not have art that is big enough for it?  Paint a blank canvas, and put smaller art on top.  I did this in Little Miss’s room, and it looks great!

Fake a Fireplace.

Fake a fireplace 639x1024 - How to Decorate a Blank Wall


I thought about doing this a few times in our master bedroom in our Syracuse house.  We had a huge wall across from the bed, and I always thought about getting a mantel and faking a fireplace.  We moved before I was able to give it a try, but it’s a good idea.


Fake a fireplace 1 681x1024 - How to Decorate a Blank Wall


You can find lots of great mantels at a local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Peg Board

Vintage Revivals DIY Giant Pegboard - How to Decorate a Blank Wall


Mandi from Vintage Revivals shows a great creative way to use a peg board, and how to incorporate shelves on the peg board.  Who knew a peg board could look so good!

Frame Fabric

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Frame a large piece of fabric, and use it as art.  I have seen this done with large panels, but I love how this picture layers a mirror on top of the bold fabric.  This would not be hard or cost that much to make a statement.  I guess it comes down to the cost of your choice of fabric.

I hope one of these suggestions for how to decorate a blank wall will help you with a large wall in your house.  If you have any other ideas, please share!


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