The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

Hello, everyone.  By the time you are reading this, Little Miss, Yankee, and I will be in Croatia for our summer vacation.  With our trip happening and Mom’s move, we will not be publishing our blog post as frequently, but we do have a few posts written and ready for publication.  They just won’t appear as often as usual.  We will be back on our regular schedule the day after Labor Day. We will be updating our Instagram account daily, so you can keep up with us there.

Little Miss - The 2 Seasons

Friday was an extra special day because Little Miss received her certificate of citizenship.  She was already a US citizen with a US passport over a year ago, but this is just one more step we wanted to take to protect her.

Screen shot from House and Garden

We both love the cozy feel of this house.

Screen shot from the salty marshmallow

These Belgian waffles make a sweet breakfast treat.

Screen shot from Amazon

We heard good things about this design book.  Mom is getting it.

Screen shot from Apartment Therapy

If you are a thrifter, you’ll love these tips.

Screen shot from Garden and Gun

This is an interesting article about southern kitchens.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Jane says

    I enjoy your blog and have managed to read even though the advertisements pop up and make it difficult to do. Today I noticed that I couldn’t read a sentence without an ad covering half of the text. I realize that ads are a revenue source and wonder if there it a way to keep the ads confined to the side of the page. Thanks for listening!

  2. Rosalie says

    Have a fun trip. You will notice a lot of the population is made of tall people!!! I felt short at
    my 5’8″ height. Try the sea food dishes.