The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

Hello, everyone.  Welcome to your weekend.

Screen shot from Proportional Plate

These sweets are cute and tasty.

Screen shot from Total Landscape Care

Mom’s landscape architect told her that boxwood blight is becoming a real problem. If you have boxwoods or plan to purchase some, then you need to read this.

Screen shot from Amazon

We just bought 300 of these hangers to upgrade her closets.

Screen shot from James F. Carter

We love this architect’s portfolio.

Screen shot from A Pumpkin and a Princess

Here’s a great tutorial on how to create these composition book shoes for back to school.


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    • says

      Rita, Our landscaper saw evidence of the boxwood blight on our neighbor’s boxwoods. You know what that means. If we get boxwoods, which I really love and want, the blight will probably travel to ours.