Tuesday Thoughts

Hi everyone!  Wow! Thanks for taking the time to vote on Mom’s wallpaper or to send emails with your opinions.  At this point, two of the patterns are almost tied.  I am even excited to see what she picks.  I had three favorites #2, #3 and #7.  I couldn’t even narrow it down.    I have not done one decorating thing recently so I thought I would do Tuesday Thoughts on some random things.

We are heading out to Croatia and some surrounding countries for a two-week family vacation soon. Our goal is to carry on our luggage, but I want everyone to be comfortable on the plane and in all of the places we are staying.  We have a red eye for the flight over, and I just discovered these flight pillows.  Our friends who just brought home their little girl from Thailand swear by them on a flight.  It can help your little one stretch out.

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You blow it up, and put it in the space in front of your child’s seat. I just bought one to give it a try. Plus, if it works, it will come in handy when we all travel as a family to Thailand next year.

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I sleep with an eye mask every night, and I am that person on a flight who has my pillow, eye mask, and these noise canceling ear buds. (Mom uses these ear buds when she flies.) I just got this cute little eye mask for Little Miss to help her sleep on the flight.  We want her to find travel fun so these will be fun for her to have for sleep.  She wore the unicorn when she was on Facetime with my mom this morning.  She thought it was funny that she couldn’t see her “YaYa.”

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We are also staying in quite a few Air B & B’s since we will be visiting several countries.  After reading a story about a family traveling and passing away due to carbon monoxide poisoning, we decided to bring a portable carbon monoxide detector to have in the places where we are staying.  #peaceofmind.  If you travel, this might be something to think about.


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We love peaches in this house and this weekend I made this peach salad that we blogged about two years ago.  It is so refreshing and tasty for a different twist on a summer salad. Click here for the recipe.

The 2 seasons

I still want to update our powder room.  I saw this great bathroom when looking at some flipped houses with the family.  It was so bold, and I loved it.  For a while, I have talked about having a black bathroom. Now I am thinking that a stencil on a smaller scale on wall in the powder room would be a big wow factor.  Let’s just say this won’t be happening till Little Miss starts preschool in the fall. I am enjoying our time together and painting can wait.


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Our next book club book is this one, and I am surprised how fast I actually read it and enjoyed it.

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Meanwhile, I heard an NPR story the other day, and this book was mentioned.  I am now reading it.


amazing interiors - Tuesday Thoughts

We wanted to watch a quick show one night and discovered Amazing Interiors on Netflix.  It was a perfect quick show.  It showcases three houses with amazing and different interiors.  If you are looking for something light, check this out.

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Last but not least, I have started thinking in my head about decor for our Mister.  Yankee was a Boy Scout and an Eagle Scout.  His father framed a lot of his badges as a gift.  I am thinking this would be a good starting point for a wilderness themed boy’s room.  This is always subject to change, but at this point that is what we are thinking for his room.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these totally random thoughts for this Tuesday!


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