Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

German flowers - The 2 Seasons

Hello, everyone.  We didn’t have a blog post scheduled for today, but we decided to put a quick one together to thank all of you who made comments and sent emails about yesterday’s post.  I intended to respond personally to each one, but they got away from me.  I did read every single comment and message again while treating myself to a gelato.  By the time I had finished reading, there were tears running down my cheeks.  Even my son commented.  Thank you all for making a girl feel great.  We would give each of you a hug if we could, so please accept this virtual hug wherever you are.

It looks as if we are all sharing the same thoughts and feelings about this blog world.  The good thing is that we have the freedom to read the ones we like and walk away from those that just don’t fit.  We’re so glad that you are feeling at home here.

Now, be sure to stop by tomorrow because I want to share a new way to eat a meal with you.  It wasn’t my idea, but it sure is fun.  We think you will like it.  See you then.


Take care.




  1. Karmann says

    I wanted to send a comment yesterday, but didn’t have the chance. You were right on the money. According to many blogs, my whole house is out of style. That’s o.k., I like my antique furniture that is brown and my granite countertops in my newly remodeled kitchen. I’m also not worried about the resale value of my house. I’ve lived in it for 29 years, and if I want my dining room walls blood red, they will be just that (and they are). It is your home, LIVE in it and make it your space, not what someone says it should look like. I have 3 or 4 blogs I read, we mostly have similar ideas and tastes. I ignore the rest.

  2. Rachel says

    I didn’t see your post yesterday – the day got away from me. However, I went back and read it today. I never leave comments; however, I want to let you know – I love your blog. It is real. I enjoy hearing about your family, your projects, your travels, and some great recipes – I can relate to you.

    I’ve stopped following several blogs because they want to sell their merchandise or they remodel with product I cannot afford. These are not bad things but not what I want to read. I, too, find myself looking at the blog photos and think – do real people live here? My house doesn’t compare to theirs and it creates self doubt.

    Do what you love. Remember, trends come and go. Be who you are – in the end that is all that matter. True to one’s self. I think you have great style.

  3. Michelle says

    Your readers love you because you are honest, down to earth, non judgmental, and real! Many of us aspire to have lovely, personal, but imperfect homes and we are intimidated by designer blogs that make us feel poor, tacky, and/or unsophisticated! Please don’t change!