Readers Beware

First off, we appreciate so much the kind comments you all made about yesterday’s post.  Your kind words and encouragement mean so much to us………Now on to today’s post.


This might be a downer of a post, but there’s something I need to share.  Yesterday when I was at Homegoods shopping for bathroom mirrors, I ran into a blogger friend.  We have known each other for years, and it was so nice to see her.   We talked briefly about our blogs, and the state of the blog world in general.  We both agreed that we aren’t loving blogging as much as we used to and for the same reasons.  Let me elaborate


As a reader of mostly decorating blogs, I find myself feeling inadequate when it comes to our own blog and my own home.  I feel that neither our homes nor our blog can measure up to the perfectly photographed, edited, sponsored, and flashy blogs out there.  We just sort of plug along here at The 2 Seasons, but we try to keep it very real.  You will not see us longing for fall and hanging an autumn wreath on the door when Aug. 1 rolls around.  You will not see our Christmas decorations going up mid-November, and when they do go up, they will certainly look like we did the work and the photography.  You will see us reusing decorations and colors from last year.  You will not see us changing the decor in our bedrooms every two months.  You will not see us avowing that this is in, and that is out.


As you know Mike and I are remodeling a house, and this is not the first time we have been down this road.  We have built two houses and  extensively remodeled two other houses before we started this project.  However, with this house I have lost all confidence in my decorating choices.  I have found myself second-guessing so many decisions, and I have found myself taking the safe route when really I might have wanted to be more daring. I have purposely tried to make choices that aren’t trendy because I don’t want to spend tons of money on something to read or hear in two months that it is out of style.  I find myself wondering what will our readers think about a choice I made.  Or how will it look in photos?  That’s just not the way to decorate.


Here’s an example:  When I do my morning walks, I like to listen to decorating podcasts.  One that I love is hosted by some of my favorite bloggers, and they have strong opinions.  One morning I shuddered when one of them announced that fancy range hoods are “out.”  We just spent almost $6,000 on a custom range hood that will be the star of our kitchen.  You can imagine how I felt after hearing that.  Now, granted I have not read or heard this information any place else but on that podcast, and our kitchen designer said it isn’t true.  Still, it made me question my hood choice.  I decided that day that I have to stop listening to that particular podcast because too many times I have learned from them that something that I own and love is “out.”  The best way that I can describe it is that I felt uneasy and unsure after listening to them.  Rather than feeling empowered, I felt deflated.  That’s not a great way to start a day.


Like I said… blog writers we try to keep it real.  We do a lot of DIY projects to save money.  We paint our own houses, mostly.  (I am not doing the remodeling painting but if I want to change a paint color in the future, I will be the one on the ladder with a paint brush.)  Jordan painted her entire house, including ceilings and all of the wood, when they bought their house so she could save that money to use on plantation shutters.  We buy things at Goodwill and the Habitat Restore and fix them up for our homes.  I buy decorator fabric from the discount bin to use for shams, and pillow covers, and bed skirts.  We both do a lot of traveling, but we buy our airline tickets as cheaply as possible, stay in average hotels, eat at restaurants where the locals eat, and don’t wear fancy travel clothes.  We share links to items we have actually purchased.  We are just regular people earning a little extra spending money with this part-time gig.


I know I am rambling, but the bottom line is that as readers of blogs, we all need to beware.  We shouldn’t question the decorating choices that we have made just because we read somewhere or hear somewhere that something is out or ugly or overused. Jordan and I hope to be an inspiration to you.  We should all be reading blogs that make us feel inspired, motivated, and better.


Thank you so much for being a part of our day, and thank you for making us a part of yours.


Take care.


  1. Melissa says

    Thank you for this honest post. Your blog is one on a shrinking list that I still read regularly. Thank you for being relatable and maintaining your authenticity. It is refreshing to see how you maitain a low-cost, high-style home.

  2. Cindi says

    I’ve always felt that if you like it who cares if it’s “in”. You home should reflect what you love not what some designers think should be “in”.

  3. Bonnie says

    Janette, Thank you for trying to keep things real. I’m wary of bloggers who tell us what is “out” for that is only their opinion. Designing and decorating a house is dependent on one’s personal preferences so I unsubscribe blogs that get too full of themselves and think they can deem certain decor as out. As with friends, I only subscribe to blogs that seem authentic. So, please keep doing what you do.

  4. says

    This is such a real thing, not only in the blogging world but also in other areas of life. Instagram and Facebook show us perfect snapshots of other peoples lives and we compare ourselves. I know that I struggle with this, especially with my own little blog. A podcaster I love says two things, “good for her, not for me” and “done is better than perfect.” As long as you love your home, that’s all that matters. Your readers can’t switch out their bedroom decor every two months either. 🙂

  5. says

    This is a good post. Sharing what you do, buy, eat, and where you go is great. Trying to be the expert to all is a really good way to lose readers. If I’d heard that podcast I’d immediately ditch the bloggers. Believe in your choices once you make them. It’s hard enough to make the choices.

  6. Linda says

    I love your blog because it is real and for the average person. Most everything in my house is hand down, goodwill or garage sale. I reuse/recycle and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I could care less what’s “in” or “out” they only do that for the insecure knowing they will run out and buy the latest and greatest, it keeps people spending.

  7. Patty says

    I am so glad you wrote this post. I love reading decorating blogs but sometimes I get so depressed reading about what people spent and they throw out those prices like everyone can afford it. This goes for home decor and clothing. I am 67 years old and we are both retired. Between health problems and pensions, I can’t even come close to what they pay. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one.

  8. Cathy says

    I am sitting here drinking my coffee and reading a few of my favorite blogs. Do I think all people have a beautiful sparkling clean homes all the time, NO. But I would like mine to be beautiful and sparking clean sometimes, YES. The blogs give me ideas on not only what I can do but also what I have no interest in doing. If someone is willing to take the time to clean and take a photo for my enjoyment, thank you very much. As a very young woman I was upset about what people thought of me and someone gave me great advice. “Why do you care what other people think about you? You really only need to care about what you think of yourself.” Great advise then and great advise now. So keep doing what you do (making me happy) and decorate the way that works for you and your family. Remember you have to live there!

  9. Vicki says

    Thank you for this heartfelt and honest post! I agree with you 100%! I quit following many blogs because they were being sponsored and using products I could never afford as well as telling me what I had spent my hard earned money on was no longer “in style”. It made me question my choices for my home.

  10. Donna R. Morgan says

    Thank you. Your blog is one I visit everyday because I enjoy reading what your family is doing to make your homes comfortable. As I look around my kitchen, like you, I have furnishings that I love because they have meaning. The breakfast table from my maternal grandparents. This table was purchased new the first week of their marriage in 1923. The late 1800’s china cabinet and early 1800’s raised panel cupboard from my paternal grandparents. These two items sat in the same place in the family home (built around1870) until the move to my home in 1994.

    • says

      Donna, I think a kitchen table is the most all-knowing piece of furniture in a house. Just think of all of the conversations that took place around that table.

  11. Laurie says

    I love your blog and prefer that you keep it real. I DIY a lot to save money and only hire out on the bigger jobs like tiling, counters, and construction too. I don’t worry about what’s trendy as much as I buy what pleases me for my home. It must work because I get a lot of complements on it. Your home should be a reflection of who lives there not what some designer says it should be. BTW, you and Jordan have lovely homes. I really love the Craftsman design of Jordan’s house.

  12. Wendy says

    I love your blog. I love everything you said about style and buying and second guessing.
    I read a lot of blogs and see them following trends and then reversing. You are so right about having your own. Thank you .

  13. Linda says

    I love your posts. You are real and make my decorating goals reachable. Please keep doing what you are doing.
    Thank you.

  14. says

    Amen! And, may I add, how disheartening it is to see a big $$$ remodel done with comped materials. Something the reader does not have access to.

  15. Heather says

    I think the blogosphere is in transition. Those bloggers who are trying so hard to be “influencers” will go by the wayside IMO. Once the bloggers decide to monetize their site it changes the content as they need to drive visits etc etc.
    I read your blog for exactly the reasons folks have shared. Your family, decorating style seem to be real. I enjoy the fact that you and your husband are able and willing to take on a massive project like your new home. Could I afford it? heck no. But it is darn good entertainment to watch the changes and process with you and I am enjoying what you chose to share. Hope you don’t lose interest in your blog. I would miss the posts.

  16. Donnamae says

    I’ll just start by saying I love your blog. Your blog is part of the handful that I still subscribe to, mainly because you and Jordan are authentic! I feel at home here. My philosophy? If you like it…that’s all that’s important. Your home is going to be fantastic because of the choices that you and your hubby have made. Enjoy your day! 😉

  17. Mary Crain says

    Your blog is one of few I follow on a consistent basis. It is the “core” of your blog that keeps The Two Seasons part of my daily routine. I can identify with getting discouraged – it is one of the reasons I don’t “open” my work properties for viewing or visiting. Today’s massive barage of media messages can be challenging. I find myself “editing” my “follows” more and more in order to keep it simple, real and positive. I applaude your vulnerability and honesty. Keep on blogging!!!
    ps….I have been following your current remodel and especially like your appliances!!

  18. Sherry B says


    Your post today certainly resonates with me. While I love reading and using a variety of blogs for inspiration and decor guidance, I find I am drawn to a few that offer reasonable, classic and honest ideas that work for me. Yours is one I truly enjoy and have loved following the Townhouse reno. My husband and I moved for the first time in 30 years to downsize and remodel a home. Our kitchen is just completed and I made choices that are true to me and also made several costly mistakes. I tired of explaining that I did not want white cabinets, grey paint and an island. I picked the wrong size crown molding and had to reorder at my cost as it was custom, chose a sink from a designers catalog without actually seeing it and wish the pro style range I bought was a size up. Overall the kitchen looks like us and I love it, as you will the Townhouse. I look forward to using the finished home and seeing you move in.
    Sherry B

  19. Jennifer says

    Janette, thanks for authenticity. Yours is the only blog I follow since it’s easily relatable. I have inherited many family heirlooms. When Jordan lived next to me in Syracuse, she gave me so many terrific decorating ideas that showcase the heirlooms (china, furniture, etc.); they may be out of style to other bloggers, but to me they’re treasured memories of my family.

    Best, Jennifer

  20. Cathy says

    Janette, I read your blog because you and your daughter live full lives! I have learned so much about you and Jordan through your posts on travel, international service, and adoption. I’m thrilled about Jordan’s addition to her family!
    Of course home decor is fun and pretty, but for goodness sake, life isn’t all about tablescapes and the latest backsplash trend! Honestly, I don’t thing some bloggers do anything but shop! Your new home will be beautiful and unique. And more importantly, it is being designed for YOUR life and family to enjoy. Keep it real, sister!

  21. Kathy says

    Thanks for sharing. You chose the perfect word “deflating”. We have to constantly remind ourselves to take what we hear from so called experts with a big grain of salt and to trust our own instincts!

  22. Patricia says

    Dear Janette and Jordan, Your post really resonated with me. I agree with everything you are saying. And I think that your loyal readers recognize the blogs we are speaking about, and realize them for what they are. Personally, they do not affect me. I read your blog, and the blogs like yours, because they are realistic and honest. Your example of the range hood being ‘out’ is a perfect one – I have read on many of the ‘trendy’ blogs that granite is out now too ! Am I going to tear out the granite counters in my kitchen that we installed 20 years ago ? No way ! Who could afford this, and why would I listen to these blogs, that change their decorating style with the season, anyway ? Please don’t ever feel that your blog is ‘inadequate’ in any way, or doesn’t measure up to the bloggers who paint their bedrooms every other month. Don’t worry – readers can see these blogs for what they are. I love your blog, and will always look forward to a new post, and will continue to subscribe to yours and blogs like yours…..

  23. Debbie w says

    I gravitate to your blog because each post is not sponsored by companies. I have been reading blogs for years… I struggle when every post is an #ad. Or the bloggers “reaching out” for specific items they need for their next project..such as blinds, appliances, tools, paint etc! I just can’t relate to this and it is a turn off. I know all about the need for the income they generate from their blog, but it really has become ridiculous! Or is it just me?

  24. Connie says

    Great post. I always look forward to your posts. Why? Because you seem real! Those who post every few weeks of the new furniture they have, the remodeling they’ve done, and how great something is only to learn it is all given to them by “sponsors” really aggravates me. I could do a lot with my home too if I didn’t have a budget to worry about. Keep up the good work. I love reading your mother and daughter perspective on life.

  25. Tracy says

    Thank you for a “real” blog. I read your blog faithfully. I am not a blogger but, find myself influenced by the blog world when making decisions for our current major remodel of our home. I’m always worried that I am choosing something that will scream 2018 in a few years. I appreciate your honesty that you question decisions, too. Keep it real! That’s what I love about your blog. And both of your homes are beautiful!

  26. says

    Are you kidding?
    Look what you are doing! The new place is awesome and who gets to redo a house like this once, let alone as many times as you have!

    I stopped blogging because I was getting 0 comments and my upcycled furniture looked shabby and not chic next to that of others. I stopped selling furniture and only do the occasional piece for a donation to a cause or for myself.
    I do understand the idea of ‘who am I doing this for?’ I experience that often ad in the end it tends to kill my enthusiasm for the piece, when I think about who might like it and who might not. We should do this for ourselves first. It’s not a competition and it shouldn’t be.
    I read blogs as a peek into other peoples worlds/homes, to get inspiration, not to critique.

  27. Noreen Swart says

    This post really resonated with me. I remember thinking I have to change out all my gold fixtures a few years ago. And, lol and behold, they are all back “in style” again. I learned ny lesson. Thanks for your blog I enjoy it tremendously.

  28. Dee says

    Thanks. This was one of the most encouraging posts I have read lately. So many blogs seem to be, written by folks who apparently have unlimited time and money. I do the best I can in my home with the funds available. What gets done needs to stay that way for a very long time. I don’t even like the phrase”on trend “.

  29. Kathy says

    You scared me for a minute. I thought you were going to stop blogging. When I first started looking at blogs I felt like I needed to paint all of my furniture turquoise or orange. Then I saw some blogs like yours. I decided that was just not me and it was ok. I love that you decorate classically. I also like that you have great, easy to copy ideas. And finally I like that you don’t have a bajillion ads. If you like your choices, stick with them. Guess what! I have popcorn ceilings. That makes some people cringe but I like texture. Everyone is not alike and that is ok.

  30. says

    I appreciate your honesty, and like you, I’m feeling a bit disenchanted with the blogging world. I’m so tired of bloggers posting ONLY to hawk a sponsors product. I understand to need to generate an income, but I find myself wondering if ANY of their opinions are genuine. That said, I’ve always loved interior design and love to see the latest and greatest, but I often do that through magazine websites & blogs. I’m interested to see where blogs are headed in the next few years. My mantra has always been, buy what you love and decorate for yourself and your lifestyle, then you can’t go wrong.

    Your blog is one of the few that I still follow faithfully, and love your honest posts. Thanks for doing what you do.

  31. says

    First I love your blog and enjoy the reality of it, so keep it up please!!
    Second, in the blogging world, I totally agree with your thoughts. Have you noticed that there is a lot of the “same” thing out there? From the high end decorating to those trying to follow the trends, I feel like it’s all the same – kind of a cookie cutter look. I get that trends happen and we all see and love ideas and try to incorporate some in our homes.
    I love, love older homes and have always steered away from those developments that use the same plan but change it just a bit. Simply because of the sameness.
    What you and Jordan do is unique, thrifty and adds value!
    Go with your gut on decisions – you have great insights!

  32. Carolyn Rasnick says

    I love your blog!! It’s the best one that I read (although it is also the only one other than ones that y’all direct me to on Saturdays and at other times)! I have learned so much and I save all of the recipes that I think I might like. Just this past weekend I made “your” basil mojito recipe from about a month ago. It was delicious and well received among a group of girlfriends I get together with twice a year. I have copied some of your decorating ideas, learned about products and travel locations, and generally enjoyed staying connected to what is going on in your and Jordan’s lives. I love it when you promote events and ideas in Lexington, knowing that you have readers throughout the world.
    You have been in my home and know that I don’t adhere to anyone’s style but my own. People are usually shocked when they walk through my front door as to what is on the inside but I think they enjoy seeing a home decorated in a way that they rarely or never see. After 15 years I am still not tired of my crazy, colorful, eclectic home and it still makes me happy to live in it. At times I think about changing it but I can never really think of anything I would like better so I just move some things around and that is all the change I need!!
    I think all of these comments are a testament that you all and your blog are loved and appreciated and your loyal readers want you to keep on blogging in the same way that you have been from the beginning!!

  33. Sunny C says

    Hello Janette and Jordan; Many Congrats on your son!!! I can not wait to read more, soon!
    I always look so forward to reading all of your posts, as they make me feel like that I “can do that also”
    Everything that you Ladies share and so graciously show; anyone whom is on a budget is able to do as well. That is another reason why I Love your blogs so very much. I have to be on a budget, as I am trying in earnest to save as much money as possible….But how I enjoy buying Antiques, an decorating.
    I for one have rarely followed any decorating advice. I buy what I like. (And what I can afford!!!)
    Antiques have always been a huge part of my life, and I enjoy buying and decorating with them.
    I have found that if I follow my own gut instincts, that I am the happiest. That is how I live my life and how I redo things, and decorate.
    Thank-You Both so much for all that you do and for all of the Beautiful photos that you share.
    You Ladies are down to earth, and you are genuine. You care so much about you Blogs and about your Friends here, whom are online.
    Thank-You so much. XOXO Sunny

  34. Dottie says

    I have never commented on your blog but felt the need to now. Your blog is one that I read faithfully. Why? You seem so down to earth and you keep it real. Also, as the grandmother of three biological and one adopted grandchild, we have that in common! Little Miss is adorable and I am excited about the new addition to your family! Keep up the good work. Thanks for keeping your blog just the way it is!

  35. Gail says

    Your blog is one of my favorites. I buy furniture and home decor that I truly love and usually live with it a long time, because I love it. Style is personal. BTW, both of you have wonderful taste.

  36. Kathy Milliken says

    So True! I love that you do your own work and thrift still! So do I! That’s why I read your blog! Thanks for being true to you!

  37. Jane says

    There are a lot of blogs I no longer read, in part, because a) the writing, grammar, and spelling are terrible, b) the content is repetitive, or c) the avalanche of annoying sponsored links, giveaways, and ads. Your blog is a welcome change from the norm. Good luck with the remodel and congratulations on adoption news.

  38. Lynn Kolokowsky says

    I love your blog and that it is so real. You have inspired me to do different things and to think a little differently – thank you! Keep up the good work!

  39. says

    Ladies your post made me sad. I have been a blogger for as long as you have and I discovered your blog about that time and although I do not always comment here your blog is an inspiration to me and to many. I have been in awe of your accomplishments, your biking adventures, your tenacity and fortitude while you waited for your Little Miss, your kindness and generosity to so many. Those my friends are things to be applauded and remarked upon, not the latest paint color or outfit.

    The reality of blogging is that so many have made it into a full time job and that takes a lot of time and ads, as well as time and the perception that life is perfect.

    In truth many, NOT all, fashion bloggers “buy their clothes from Nordstrom, take the photos and then return the items. Nordstrom has in fact told several affliate marketing companies that they will no longer allow these people to return items because they feel as if their liberal return policy is being abused.

    There are other bloggers who receive the clothes as gifts in exchange for posts. Nothing wrong with that.

    I know of several very successful bloggers that own kitchen and bath design companies, therefore they get steep discounts on the items they use and often times get the material for free or are able to use it as a tax write off. I do not think people realize this.

    As for the bloggers that are continually “updating” their pillows, rooms, etc I have stopped reading them. I am sick of seeing the same thing over and over.

    As for instagram, I am so tired of seeing the same all white cookie cutter rooms/houses. What happened to individuality?

    I love my house and I am blessed to have it. It is filled with things my husband and I have collected from years of travel and we like it that way because it reflects us.

    Your houses and lives should be a reflection of you. I am sure that your hood is going to be beautiful, just like the rest of your house. Do not get down by people saying this stuff, it is nonsense.

    Recently I read that white kitchens are dated and are out? Really, what sort of bologna is that? They are timeless and classic?

    Keep doing everything your way because it is the right way for the way you life your life.

    Thank you for being an inspiration to me on Christian living and how to be a better more generous person.

  40. KittyLuvr says

    LOL…I had to laugh when I read your post because I just found your blog and was so excited to find someone who writes as they live….I hope you are encouraged that new readers are looking for YOU! Your style and your warm gracious style is what makes your blog unique..I have an adult daughter with 1 grandchild (and another one coming this week) so I see many similarities between our families..but the biggest one is that we do what WE like..not what’s in style! i am happy to hear that you do the same..never second guess what works for you!

  41. Debbie says

    I read your blog because it appears REAL and in real time. Some of these southern women and their blogs make my head spin. Who has the time to constantly on a daily basis move pillows, plants, and another rug. I sometimes feel they are just shallow. I cannot tell you how many of them have the fancy kitchen but never cook and I mean NEVER. Stay true to your roots and what you want for your blog. You and your daughter do a great job and so happy to hear she is adopting a little boy. I have toyed with creating a blog but quite frankly I could not keep up with the trends and nor do I care.

  42. says

    I have been in a blog vacation for six months. I share quick pics on instagram and have made a fun circle of friends. I read recently that Europeans and Americans decorate so differently. He said we just redecotate with the trends while Europeans have a good design and build on the layers over the years. I guess I am a hybrid. We have mostly 30 year old furniture and A reasonable downsized home. We may get squished if we get grandkids. Go with your personal style. Trends come sbd go every year. Yikes!