Townhouse Update #4

Happy Monday, everyone.  We are back today with another update on the townhouse we are remodeling.  Things are moving very s     l     o      w      l     y.  My original goal was to be in by June 10 so we would have time to get somewhat settled before the July 4th holiday.  Our children, their spouses, and the grands are coming for almost a week, and we really wanted to be in.  Now, we are facing another deadline.  Originally, we told our landlords that we would “for sure” be out by the end of July “at the latest.”  So, they have asked us to move out by July 27 because they have rented the place beginning Aug. 1.  Say what??????  I would bet money that our place won’t be finished by then.  However, the third floor will be finished, and we can assemble the twin beds that we bought for the dorm room up there and camp for a while.  There’s also a full bath up there that will be finished probably this week.  The third floor is getting carpet so we won’t have to worry about tip-toeing on fresh hardwood floors.  That’s our Plan B. My next deadline is to be in by mid-August because Mike is going to Europe for a five-week long bike trip.  He will be biking from London, England to Dubrovnik, Croatia while I unpack boxes.

Okay, let’s see what’s going on.

IMG 1548 768x1024 - Townhouse Update #4

The railing is in the process of being installed.  Actually, I took these photos Saturday morning,and the finish carpenters were arriving as I was leaving.  They finished it, and it looks great.  Small victories add up.

IMG 1556 768x1024 - Townhouse Update #4

These two carpenters are such perfectionists, and they quietly work together while noise, pounding, sawing, etc. is going on around them.  The railings are custom-made to 38 inches since we are tall.  The standard height is 36 inches.

IMG 1548 768x1024 - Townhouse Update #4

I think that we will be painting the top railing black.  I would love your thoughts on that.

Townhouse - The 2 Seasons

The curved newel post is gone.

Townhouse before foyer

Here’s the before foyer railing.  We widened the upstairs hallway, changed the style of newel posts to square, installed a larger/fatter handrail, and larger spindles.  The carpet will be removed, and the stairs will be wood with white risers.  We also enlarged that opening on the left by about six feet.

IMG 1549 768x1024 - Townhouse Update #4

This stairway to the third floor has really changed.  The before was so cramped and dark with a solid wall and a door at the bottom of the steps. With the area now being open, the door gone, the solar tubes added, and the walls painted, it is so much better.  Moulding that matches the one on the right side of the main stairs will be installed on this second floor hallway.  It is being made right now.

Townhouse - The 2 Seasons

The fireplace has been removed from the master bedroom, and the wall has been patched and painted.  The master bedroom will be small, but it’s really a master suite with large closets and a nice bathroom.  We had to make the master bedroom smaller in order to get everything on our wish list like a regular laundry room.  Before, the washer and dryer were in a closet in the shower room.  Now we have a full laundry room with a drop-down ironing board, storage cabinets, shelves, and a closet for our luggage.  It doesn’t have a window so I need to wait on the lights in order to take a photo for you.

Townhouse bedroom before

Oh, and this is the fireplace wall before.  I have mentioned in other posts that we removed the fireplace because it would have been resting on the new steel beam that is holding up the second floor for the addition.  It would have added too much weight, and we decided that we probably wouldn’t use a fireplace in our bedroom anyway.

IMG 1550 768x1024 - Townhouse Update #4

This is the stairway going down from the third floor.  We removed the old carpet, painted, added a solar tube, a new railing, and will have a new sconce on the wall and carpet on the stairs.

Townhouse - The 2 Seasons

Here’s the in between photo of that space.

IMG 1561 1024x768 - Townhouse Update #4

The new concrete here is the addition.  Framing will start today if it isn’t raining.  The rain has really slowed down this addition.

Townhouse - The 2 Seasons

The court yard is a mess.  We have taken out the brick flooring, and after looking at it and talking about it today, we are going to remove the remaining brick and get everything centered.  I would rather have straight lines than the curve, to tell you the truth.

Townhouse - The 2 Seasons

This area will be the enclosed porch with sliders that will open to make it a screened porch.  Those rounded arches will be squared up so that sliders easily fit into the space.  The historic commission had to approve this change which is behind our wall, and they did.

Townhouse - The 2 Seasons

This will be the back entry with a Dutch door.  It will lead into a mudroom.  That opening on the left is the window between the mudroom and the pantry/office.  It won’t have glass. A plantation shutter will be on that opening so that in nice weather I can get fresh air through the Dutch door.  And there’s a good look at the beam which delayed this project for weeks.

Townhouse - The 2 Seasons

The tile guy has done some preliminary work, and they are supposed to start full time today.  This is our master shower, and those wires are for the steam unit that will be installed under the bench. The tilers were supposed to start last month, but they have been so busy.  The subs doing this project are all so busy that we have to wait in line for them.  That’s another reason this is taking longer than we wanted.  It’s no one’s fault, and we are happy they have lots of work to do.

Townhouse - The 2 seasons

And one more photo before I close.  Here’s a close-up of the crown moulding before paint.  Love it.


Hopefully, I will have a lot more progress to show you on the next update.  A friend of mine used to ask me this:  “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”


Take care.



  1. Beth says

    I love your plan to paint the stair railings black. Your new home is getting amazing, so patience and delayed gratification. I am dealing with roofs, gutters and house painters.

  2. Donnamae says

    Little by little it’s getting there. Not fast enough for you I ‘m sure. But, you know it’s going to be wonderful! Hang in there….camping is fun! 😉

  3. Linda says

    You are going to have such a STUNNING home when they get through! I sure hope this is going to be your forever home!! As we say in Texas: “It’s gonna be purty!”

  4. Carolyn Rasnick says

    I love the idea of the black stair rail. I think they make a stairway look so beautiful. Little by little we see it coming along. Glad you have the 3rd floor option so you don’t have to find another in between rental. Not ideal, but better than the alternatives!

    Hang in there…….this too shall pass!!!