The Historic Commission and I

I am headed to a meeting with the Historic Commission today.  They sent us a letter.  You might recall that our new place in is an historic neighborhood, and all exterior changes have to meet their approval.  Our architect met with them to discuss the design of the addition that is being added to the side/back of our house, and they approved.  They required us to have mullions on the outside of our new windows, and that was a good call because the windows look fantastic.  They are also requiring us to build a fake chimney for our gas logs fireplace.

New townhouse - The 2 Seasons

My visit has nothing to do with any of those things.  This picture, which was taken before power washing and paint,  is a hint.

Townhouse exterior before - The 2 Seasons

Now, look at this horrible photo which I dug out of my trash file. It’s hard to see the difference, but the tree on the left was diseased and rotting, and it was leaning towards our house.  Our landscaper recommended that we have it removed.  However, we failed to get the Historic Commission’s permission.  Trees over a certain diameter need approval to be removed.  Whoops!  Someone reported us, and now I am going to plead our case.  Ordinarily, Mike would handle something like this, but he will be out of town.

Townhouse exterior before

You can see a little bit of the tree on the top left.  This photo is from the realtor’s listing.  The tree that is growing out of the foundation was also removed legally since it is small in diameter.  The tree on the right is not on our property, and it is not diseased.  It is on the city’s easement in front of our property line.


So, friends, wish me luck tonight.  If we could have saved that tree, we would have because I would have much rather spent the money that it cost to remove it on something else.  And by the way, we just had our second meeting with our landscaper, and he might actually get to start working on our yard in early July.


Take care.