How to Send a Custom Postcard – Revisited

Although it isn’t technically the first day of the month, it’s the first regular post we have done for this new month.  So, that means it’s time to revisit a post from last June.  We are reposting the one about sending custom postcards because we both have used it again and again, and we can’t believe more people don’t know about it.  Plus, these postcards are great to send as thank you notes, get well cards…..You name it.  Enjoy the revisit from last June.

Hi everyone!  It’s so good to be with you this Tuesday morning.  If you follow us on Instagram, then you already know that Mr. Right and I just spent the last two weeks bicycling in Germany, and it was WONDERFUL!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but today I have to share one of my favorite travel secrets.  This is not a sponsored post or an affiliate, so I just want to get that out of the way.  For a few years now, we have been using the Touchnote app on our iphones to send personalized postcards when we travel.  Here is their online website, and if you go to your iphone app store and type in Touchnote, you will find it.   It is a free download that allows you to create your own postcards using photos that you have taken on your trip.  It is a British company, and it does an excellent job.



Here’s how it works.


Buy Credits

1.  First, you can buy a package of postcard credits, and in the package I buy, each post card is $1.99.  Think about it.  That’s $1.99 for a custom postcard, the postage, and Touchnote mails it.


Custom postcards - The 2 Seasons


Add an Address

2.  Then in the app’s address book, you enter the addresses for the people you will want to correspond with when you are traveling.  These can be edited if someone moves, and you can always add or delete names, just like in your own address book at home.  These addresses will remain unless you remove them.

Take Photos

3.  When you are on your trip, you take photos using your iphone.

Select a Photo

4.  Then you select a photo you want to use, type in a message, and check which person(s) in your address book will receive it.


That’s it.  Touchnote will send you an email saying they received your order, and they will send another email to confirm that they have mailed it.  I created postcards in Germany on a Monday, and the recipients received them by Friday.


One of the things I always hated to do when traveling was to find the time to write a postcard and then to search for stamps and a mail box or post office.  So, I stopped sending them.  Now with this easy app, I can send postcards to various family members whenever I want.  Oh, and they also do customized greeting cards.


How to Send a Customized Postcard - The 2 Seasons


When we were in Germany, I took this photo of old east German license plates and created a postcard for our son and daughter-in-law because they had just bought a new German-made car.  They appreciated the personalized touch.



How to Send a Customized Postcard


My mother loves old churches, so I used a photo that I took in a German church that is 750 years old.


How to Send a Customized postcard - The 2 Seasons


Little Miss is really into Rapunzel right now.  I knew she would enjoy receiving a postcard featuring this castle on it, and she LOVED it.

Four easy steps to create and send a custom postcard - The 2 Seasons


I am not one of those people who has a phone full of handy apps, but I do have a few that I love like the one I shared with you last fall.  If you are a traveler who likes to send postcards, then you will really enjoy this easy and convenient app.


Take care.