The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

Happy Saturday!  Before we get started on today’s features, Mom asked me to tell you that she saw the movie “Book Club”, and she loved it.  She said it’s a chick flick for her generation, and so if you need something to do this weekend, be sure to see it.  I might add that my parents go to tons of movies and always have good recommendations.

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Speaking of chick flicks, if you love “The Holiday” a few years ago, then you will love seeing this post.

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Here are some easy, cheesy breadsticks for you to make.

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We found a solution for storing your magazines.

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Yvonne has some great tips for outdoor entertaining.

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I have been loving the FASTer way to fat loss to get swimsuit ready, and I read about these in a magazine to get your feet sandal ready.  I am so curious to give these exfoliant foot peels a try.

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