The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

Happy Saturday! Little Miss and I are up early this morning to watch the Royal Wedding.  Ahh weddings, love them!!!!


Learn how to create an accent wall using frames.

I just discovered this blog and Instagram.  This family of 5 lives in a camper while they build their home you have to check it out.


We love asparagus in our house and this meal looks tasty and healthy!

I keep reading about straws being bad for the environment so I need to order these instead.  Perfect  for summer drinks plus, they are so cute and have great reviews.


I have been doing the FASTer Way to Fat Loss for 4 weeks now and I LOVE it.  I am shocked how much I am enjoying the program.  I don’t mind the fasting (tons of energy in the mornings) and the workouts.  The next session starts May 21st and spaces are limited.   So far so good.  Grab some friends and do it together!  Any questions feel free to message me.

Enjoy your weekend!



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