Townhouse Progress Update #2

Hello, friends.  We have had other townhouse updates which you can access at the bottom of this post, but I decided it’s time to start numbering them to keep things a little more organized around here.  This is just a quicky to show you the new windows, and how they look.  Already, the outside has improved with the addition of the windows and the new roof.

New townhosue - The 2 Seasons

You might remember that I complained about the windows in this post because we have to have mullions on the outside of the windows, which in turn will make them so much more difficult to clean.  Well, I have to tell you that I LOVE the way they look.  They just have a more expensive (surprise, they WERE more expensive) look to them, and they do make the house look somewhat historic.  Ha!!!

New townhouse - The 2 Seasons

Just imagine how much better the windows will look after the brick on the house and wall is power washed and all of the wood has a new coat of paint.  By the way, the windows are by Anderson, and they sure do put a lot of stickers on them.  The trim will all be Pure White by Sherwin Williams, and the door will either be navy or dark gray.  Any suggestions?  This photo shows two things.  It really is a townhouse, and you can see where we are attached to our neighbors.  I showed a version of this shot a while back.  The second thing is that we had a tree removed because it was rotting and starting to mess with our foundation.  Well, we didn’t get approval from the historic commission, and someone turned us in.  So, if we can’t prove the removal was justified, we will be looking at a fine.  Yikes!!!

New townhouse - The 2 Seasons

Here’s a look at the side of the house where the chimney was removed, but remember there will be a fake chimney going in there once the addition is finished.  Isn’t that wall just yucky?  Can’t wait to get it cleaned.  Apparently we have some blooming trees in our courtyard, but I can’t get out there because of the construction scaffolding, etc.

Townhouse Exterior Before -The 2 Seasons

Here’s the before just for a reference.  Things are happening, friends!!!

First Floor Tour of the Townhouse

Second Floor Before Tour of the Townhouse

No Marble in the New House


Take care.



    Who knew that bars on glass would look so much prettier on the outside versus in? I will forever be looking for that on houses now. Love!