Tuesday Thoughts on a Thursday

It’s time for another round of Tuesday Thoughts, except today we are mixing it up and having it on a Thursday.  That’s because I forgot to write it for Tuesday.  #forgetfulblogger

One thing I love about this time of year is starting a garden.  We had such success with our square foot garden in Syracuse.  In Charlotte, once we found an area in our yard that got enough sun light, we planted a small garden.  We did harvest some things from our garden but not that much.  It turns out that our soil was horrible with clay, clay and more clay.  Our veggies didn’t like it.  This year I decided to build some VERY basic raised beds, and make the Mel’s soil that is in this book that has become our garden bible.

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In this small space, we have herbs, three tomato plants, cucumbers, two pepper plants, four broccolis and squash, and zucchini.  I will get the squash and zucchini to grow up the fence.   I didn’t start anything from seed this year, but everything has grown a lot since we have planted about a month ago.  Little Miss loves to water the veggies and sing songs to them to grow!

IMG 0362 - Tuesday Thoughts on a ThursdayI have always been interested in health things, and I have been reading about these collagen peptides.  I ordered some here, and I have noticed a difference in my nails and hair.  I was showing my mom and sister-in-law how I was adding them to my smoothies.  Well, it turns out that my mom ordered some for joint support. She adds them to her afternoon tea or coffee.  The one I am holding here is unflavored and doesn’t have a taste so it is easy to add to anything.

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Speaking of health….. A couple friends and I have joined a six week fitness/weight loss program called FASTER Way to Fat Loss. While I am not trying to lose weight, I am looking to tone and get more fit.  I love my TRX workout, but I need something more than once a week.  We had to do before pictures which wasn’t fun.   Already just 10 days in, I am noticing a difference in my energy levels and feeling more toned, if that is even possible this fast.  This boot camp is a six week program that includes a bonus prep week so it’s actually seven weeks.  You get a nutritional program (you don’t have to buy any shakes or extra things), fitness workouts, and accountability.  You are in a private Facebook group with coaches.  Being accountable is huge.  In the program, you do intermittent fasting which I actually had been reading a lot about for a few months.  This means I eat in an eight hour window each day and then fast for the other 16.  I thought this was going to be so hard because I love breakfast.  After a couple of days I didn’t even think about it because I now have so much energy in the mornings.  This has been a lot of fun, and their next round which usually sells out fast starts May 21.  Grab some friends, and hop on board for summer.  If you have any questions, let me know.  I plan to do a whole post once I finish this program.  So far, so good.   Go here, and you can even learn more about it.

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I love reading, but I don’t have a ton of time to read.  I like to read before bed, and it puts me to sleep in no time.  I am happy reading my magazines and about one book a month right now.  Hopefully, I can get that up to more in the future.  I just finished this book for my book club.  I really enjoyed it, and the girls from my book club really enjoyed it as well.


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One of my goals for the year was to up my game on wreaths for the front door.  I did put this together for spring and realized I never showed it to you.  It is now down, and I am trying to figure out what to do next.  I found this cute little umbrella from Hobby Lobby and then added some greenery and flowers.  It was perfect for March and April.  A sweet touch for spring.

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I don’t know if you saw the video on Insta stories, but I  commissioned Little Miss to do a painting for our porch.  It is cute, and I can’t wait to get pictures of the final project to show you.  She took her work very seriously.

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Mom has been telling me about this product, and I need to go ahead and order some.  I used to use Latisse but feel it stopped working.  This I can order from Nordstrom, and it will come straight to my house.  The reviews are great, and Mom is loving her longer lashes.


While I don’t have much-decorating stuff going on right now, I keep going back and forth on some things for our powder room.  It is such a small room so I feel whatever I do, and it won’t take a lot of time.  At times I think about a removable wallpaper which might be a headache to hang.  I have also toyed around with painting the room black.  Let’s hope Yankee is not reading today!!  We love hearing from our you all. What are your thoughts on a black powder room? The floor is a beige tile which I have also thought about painting.


Well that’s it for our thoughts today.  We love that each of you spend part of your day with us.  We really appreciate you.




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  1. Carolyn Rasnick says

    I painted a powder room black one time and really loved the look. The room had high ceilings and was kind of long and narrow. It also had beige tile and an off white pedestal sink and potty. I used a Ralph Lauren suede paint so it had no shine whatsoever. We sold the house with the black paint on the walls (and in the kitchen too…..although there was not a lot of kitchen wall space with windows, cabinets, etc.) so I have no idea how hard it was to paint over. It’s kind of scary to do, but with big pictures on the walls, it almost just became as neutral as a white wall would be.

  2. says

    Love the idea of the umbrella with the flowers. Looks so pretty. I really liked the video of Little Miss on Inst Stories. It was just so sweet and I am looking forward to seeing her finished work!