Your Cinco de Mayo Menu

8 Cinci de Mayo recipes

If you are thinking that it might be nice to serve up some special foods for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, but you’re not sure what to prepare, we have your back.  Not only is tomorrow the celebration of Mexico’s victory over France in 1862, but it is also the running of the Kentucky Derby. Plus, it just happens to be a late spring Saturday. Certainly, you can find a reason to  have a little celebration with your family and/or friends and cook up a special dish or two.  We combed through our archives and came up with some great recipes with a Mexican twist that would be perfect for the day.  We have appetizers, a main dish, a dessert, and drinks for you.  Just click the link to go to the recipe.


Black Bean Hummus is a great alternative to traditional hummus that uses chick peas. - The 2 Seasons

Black Bean Hummus


Quick and Easy Salsa - The 2 Seasons

Quick and Easy Salsa


Salmon tacos - The 2 Seasons

Salmon Tacos with Quacamole


Fresh Lime Cake - The 2 Seasons

Fresh Lime Cake


Peachy Summer Sangria - The 2 Seasons

Peachy Summer Sangria


Spicy Margarita - The 2 Seasons

Spicy Margarita


Pink Lemonade Margarita 682x1024 - Your Cinco de Mayo Menu

Pink Lemonade Margarita

Strawberry Margarita - The 2 Seasons

Strawberry Margarita

We might be heavy on the margaritas and light on the main course, but you can’t go wrong with any of these recipes.  Have a great weekend, and we hope your horse wins!