Two Years as a Family

Friday was a special day for our family.  It was the two year mark of being a forever family.  Wow! Two years! How did that happen?

Family Day - Two Years as a Family

Here is a picture I can now show of our girl on day one.  She walked into our lives quietly, not showing emotion other than grief, and she was unsure of us.  It was tough on all parties. S he had her grief, and we were trying to figure out as first time parents how to comfort her and let her know we will be here for her.

IMG 0238 - Two Years as a FamilyThis picture is exactly two years later.   We have a strong family bond, and Little Miss is always telling us we will stick together.  Yes, Little Miss, we will.  Our girl is thriving and seeing these early pictures is difficult because it was really hard on her.  She had a loving foster mother who took wonderful care of our daughter before we could be there.  I still think about her foster mother a lot.  I mail her pictures and send her updates.  I let her know we are adopting again, and we will bring Little Miss with us to Thailand and hope to meet up at some point.  We pray for her.

IMG 9679 e1525021575353 - Two Years as a Family

Little Miss is all girl.  She loves everything about princesses and dressing up.  She loves all accessories, and she wears them all the time at home.  Now I notice in this picture she made it out the house on our walk with her clip-on pearl earrings.  Also, she is on her second pair of pink cowgirl boots.  She would wear them to bed if we let her!


IMG 0164 - Two Years as a Family

She continues to grow and grow.  This dress, even with her dress up play heels, was touching the floor on her birthday.  Now it is not even close.  She is even taller than I was at this age, and I am six feet tall.

IMG 9407 e1525021760399 - Two Years as a Family

She has a heart of gold and loves to help whenever she can.  I love her excitement for the little things in life.  I need to learn how to get super excited about folding a washcloth.  Here she helped make a Minnie Mouse pinata in Nicaragua.  Her teacher was deaf and was so patient with her.  He taught her how to cut with scissors and let her cut and glue.  I loved watching her learn and work with one of the locals to make this cute pinata.

IMG 0105 e1525021917681 - Two Years as a Family

She loves design and home decor.  I left a Ballard’s magazine upstairs in the hall one night.  When I went to bed I didn’t see the magazine, but I noticed she had it in bed and was flipping through the pages.  She told me the lamps in the magazine were her favorite, and she likes to look at them.  When I take her shopping the girl loves texture and gives her opinion on what she likes and doesn’t like in terms of decor.  It is pretty funny, and she is so my girl!!!

IMG 0257 - Two Years as a Family

What can I say?   She is doing great.  We are doing great, and I am so happy we are all together as a family.  We love our girl so much.  Thank you to everyone who has followed along our journey.  Adoption is a wonderful thing, and we are excited as we wait for #2.

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  1. Katie Brock says

    I am so happy for you and your fill, Jordan. She is SO your daughter, long dark hair and legs for days! I love the first photo of you all as a family. You and your hubby are smiling, but your eyes tell the real story…happy, nervous, relieved, and terrified of the unknown…everything my husband and I felt after having our first son. Happy Gotcha Day! ❤️

    • says


      You are so true our eyes tell it all. I think all parents no matter what have those feelings right when they see their child!

  2. says

    Happy Gotcha celebration to you all! I have a great niece from Guatemala who has been with us 10 yrs now, and she is the center of joy for my sister’s family. They have very similar photos from the day she came into their lives, full of apprehension, but their bond couldn’t be stronger now. My niece also keeps B’s heritage alive through photos and other information. I look forward to seeing your family grow.

  3. Nancy DePew says

    She is so adorable! She has just gotten cuter as time goes on…and such a princess!
    Thanks so much for sharing these photos and good luck with your next “baby”.

  4. Susan B. Jones says

    She is such a blessing for ya’ll! What a happy family! Looking forward to your next adoption!!

  5. Donnamae says

    I am so happy for all of you. In this crazy world we live in…you all found each other. And now, the story continues…wishing you many blessings! 😉

  6. Carolyn Rasnick says

    She is precious and obviously thriving in her new life and country. I know you all are great parents and she is as lucky to have you all as you all are to have her! Win-Win!!

  7. Roberta Heine says

    What a beautiful journey. I love your blog and thank you for sharing your story with all of us. I wish you continued happiness and joy and love as a family. Can’t wait for continued stories and updates. Xoxo

  8. Kathie says

    What an adorable family you have! I’ve loved reading all your posts about the gift of your daughter. Best Wishes as you grow together, happily ever after!!