Our Townhouse’s Powder Room Sink

Today’s post is about our powder room sink.  Last week in this post we showed you a photo of a sink that I saw here locally in a store.  We had already featured the same sink in a Saturday Selections a few months ago, and when I told Jordan about it, she reminded me that it had already been on the blog.

Townhouse - - The 2 Seasons


This is a photo that was in the post, and I asked you all to chime in with your opinions.  We received comments and tons of emails saying, “No!”  Not one person liked it.  Even though you know our love of bicycling, it was still a big thumbs down vote.  Some of the comments said it would be hard to clean, others said it wouldn’t fit in with our decor, that we would get tired of it, and others just didn’t like it.   I mentioned that it was pricey, and it was……to the tune of $4,999.00.  Someone mentioned that we could DIY the bike/sink.  Yes, we could have easily done that, but if we had a sink like that, I would have wanted it to be the original, which is made in England and uses a popular brand of British bike. My biggest concern was that I would get tired of it.  Frankly, it would probably be better in the bathroom of a sports bar than in our new powder room.

Ceramic Console Sink

Screen shot from Wayfair


All along I have been planning to get this sink for our powder room.  I must tell you that for a brief moment, I really did consider the bike sink, but everything that y’all mentioned had already gone through my mind. So, this adorable sink has been ordered and is ready for our plumber to install.  The powder room is new construction within our home.  It is where the part of the original kitchen was located.  It’s a nice size, and this sink will look great in there.

Screen shot from Niagra Novice


I found some more photos of the same sink on Pinterest to show you.


Screen shot from Zillow


Screen shot from This Old House


Screen shot from Young House Love


We were told the legs are VERY fragile, so we will have to convince our plumber that it will take at least two and perhaps three people to help install it.


Antique bicycle as accessory - The 2 Seasons


Meanwhile, I just might end up leaning our antique pennyfarthing bicycle against the wall in the powder room.  It will give us the bicycle fix, and it can be moved to another spot if and when we want to move it.  I originally wanted to hang it over the living room fireplace, but everyone says it’s too tall.   So, this is a good plan B.


Thank you all for reading our blog and sharing your thoughts with us.  You are the reason this is still so much fun for us, and we really appreciate each of you.


Take care.


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  1. Betty Bosley says

    You will be happier with the plain sink in the long run. It will look timeless. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Charlotte says

    I meant to tell you that I saw a man riding a pennyfarthing in the neighborhood recently.
    Was it yours ?