The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

We are home from our visit with my parents, and it’s time to tackle the weekend.  But first………

Screen shot from Emily Henderson

This week Emily has the bedroom design rules.

Screen shot from Drizzle and Dip

Here’s an easy cheesecake dessert.

Screen shot from A Crafty Mix

This dresser is a cute DIY project.


icecream cone seedlings 08 683x1024 - The Seasons' Saturday Selections

These are a cute DIY party favor.  Ice cream cone seedlings.


Screen Shot 2018 04 19 at 5.32.57 PM - The Seasons' Saturday Selections

I needed a new pair of leggings and just got these leggings off of Amazon of all places.  They are AMAZING. I like these better than my pair that was three times the price.  Tons of reviews on these as well.


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