A Bench at the End of the Bed

I love to have areas in the bedroom to sit and read or to sit and put on my slippers or socks.  I also love seeing them in other peoples’ homes.  Even if they aren’t used, love seats, benches, or chairs are great places to add a throw or pillows that can add to the room’s color scheme, can add texture, can add pattern, and can add softness.

Screen shot from Savvy Southern Style


If there’s space, I think adding a beautiful bench is the way to go.  Just look how beautiful this tufted bench is that Kim has placed at the foot of the bed in her master bedroom.  It helps make an already wonderful bedroom even better.

Screen shot from One King's Lane


Of course, I love the blues in the bedroom from One King’s Lane, but the bench at the end of the bed is what I want you to see.  It is kind of a bench/love seat, and the fluffy throw makes it even more inviting.  Doesn’t it just invite you to come have a seat?

Screen shot from Kincaid Furniture


An upholstered look isn’t the only way to go when placing a sitting spot at the end of the bed.  A wooden piece like this one can also add some storage.  Just soften the look with a throw or pillows, the way they did.  There’s a bench very similar to this one at the foot of our bed here in our temporary rental.  It’s a great place for me to lay out my workout clothes each night before going to sleep.  When the alarm goes off at 5:20 each morning, I know exactly where my things are and can put them on quickly.


Screen shot from Cedar Hill Farm House


Like Anita, we will be putting three twin beds in the new third floor bedroom that I am calling the dorm.  You can read about those twin beds here.  The dorm will be a grandchild friendly spot that will also have toys, books, and kid friendly decor so that they will feel as if it is their own special spot.

Screen shot from Target


I recently ordered three of these small gingham benches to put at the end of each twin bed.  You know that I love gingham and have been a huge fan since I was a little girl.  And navy is my all-time favorite color.  So, buying these benches was a no-brainer for me.  The cost is perfect because if they get killed in the middle of a pillow fight, it won’t break the bank.  I can’t wait to see this room come together, and when it does, we will share it with you.  Do you have anything to sit on at the end of your beds?  If not, maybe it’s time to add something.




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    Thanks for sharing my bench, I also have two of the checked ones you ordered at the foot of a guest room bed. They are well made.