Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Before I get started with this post I have to look back at this day eight years ago.  Eight years ago I married the love of my life, and we have had a great adventure.  Our life is not dull, and we truly have a wonderful time in each other’s company.  I love walking hand and hand with this man.

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Now onto some random thoughts.

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I love Trader Joe’s, and I think every time I go, I find a new to me product I love.  I recently discovered these tortilla chips and OMG.  They are soooooo good.  They have the slightest hint of lime, and it is a thick tortilla chip.  I suggest you give them a try next time you are at Trader Joe’s.  The whole family is a fan.

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Another thing I have become obsessed with is our Nespresso Citiz Machine.  Between Christmas and New Years, we always do a ski vacation with our friends from our pre-marriage and kids days.  Now we are married and have kids, and we are drinking a lot more coffee.  We had the joy of experiencing a very nice espresso maker and Yankee and I became hooked.  I was drinking espressos and making cappuccinos daily and I loved it.  When we came home, our regular coffee seemed so blah and not as creamy and smooth as the coffee we had for the week.  We decided to use get a Nespresso Citiz machine with milk frother, and it has been a small pleasure in life we are both enjoying.  It does take capsules, but they are 100% recyclable which I am happy about, and the coffee is just so dang tasty.  Our guests have told us that they enjoy it as well.

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I have started using coconut oil on my hair once a week for a hair mask.  I am shocked at the difference.  I comb through a lot of coconut oil on all on my hair and wrap my hair up in saran wrap.  Then I take a towel that has been in the dryer and put that over my hair.  I read a magazine pretend I am at a spa, and then I take a shower.  I do have to shampoo at least two times to get out all the oil, but wow, it really helps the dryness my hair sometimes has.  My mom just did her first coconut oil hair mask last week, and I got a text telling me how great her hair felt.


Theres no such thing as bad weather - Tuesday Thoughts


I heard about this book on a podcast, and I couldn’t wait to read it.  I really enjoyed Bringing up Bebe which is about the French way of parenting.  This one is bout the Swedish way of parenting.  They are all about the outdoors no matter what the weather.  It made me change my view on not going outside because it was a little cold or raining.  Now we dress in lots of layers and get outside more than before, even if the weather is bad.  Some days if it is raining, I’ll send Little Miss out with her rain boots and let her go wild in the puddles.  She thinks it is the coolest thing ever.  This was a good book that opened my eyes more about nature and all the positives it is for children being outside.  And by the way, my brother and sister-in-law read Bringing Up Bebe, and they are using some of the French techniques in raising their three-month-old.  It’s working, too.  She has “found her nights.”


10 Happier - Tuesday Thoughts


Another book I had heard a lot about is “10% Happier” by Dan Harris.  This book was the book for my book club this month, and it was great to read about Dan’s story and how meditation has helped him in his life.  (He is the week-end anchor for Good Morning America.)  The studies behind mediation are very fascinating.  I have not jumped on the bandwagon, but I am thinking I am going to have to give it a try.


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I wrote a post about my dishwasher awhile ago, and how much I was not a fan of the two drawer dishwasher.  Well, it finally died!!!!  Everyone who ever came to our house was so intrigued by the dishwasher, and I always told them my opinion.  I felt as if I was loading and emptying the dishwasher all day, etc.  Well, we did some research and ended up with this one, and I never realized how much I truly missed a real dishwasher.  This dishwasher holds so much that some days I don’t even empty it once.

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Plus it has a third row at the very top that is brilliant.  It holds all those random items that take up space, lids to jars, spatulas, ramekins. I told Yankee I will never be able to have a dishwasher without the third row.  It is brilliant.  I have been trying to convince my mom she needs the third row when she buys one for their new house.


Be the Match - Tuesday Thoughts

On a serious note, we found out one of our friends 18-month-old daughter needs a bone marrow transplant.  She has three siblings, but none of them is a match.  They are reaching out to all to encourage you to register to be on the national bone marrow registry.  Maybe you will be the match for this little girl.  Or maybe you will be the match for another family.  Yankee and I have both swabbed our cheeks, and we will wait to hear if we are ever a match for someone. It is the least we can do.  I would want someone to do it for us. Click here to sign up to be on the registry.  Till then please send prayers for this little girl and her family.





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  1. says

    Happy Anniversary! This is a great post. Random thoughts…would love to see an accompanying pic of coconut oil hair wrap LOL.

    We visited Denmark several years ago in the month of February. Although it was sunny, the temp never rose above 4 degrees and it was very windy. Everyone still rode their bicycles everywhere and children happily played outside all day long.

    PS – if you can offer any tips on how to get a refrigerator to die…would greatly appreciate it HAHA.

    • says

      Vicki and Jenn,

      Thank you for the anniversary wishes. Ahhah my hair mask pic would scare everyone off since I usually do a clay facemask at the same time!

      Oh good luck with your refrigerator. It was one of the best days when our dishwasher died. hahaha

  2. N says

    My thoughts and prayers for the little girl. Nearly 20 years ago, I registered with the National Bone Marrow registry and ended up a match to a young man. Today, he is a husband and father and I am very lucky to have been a small piece to enable this. For anyone who is even considering registering, please do!

    • says

      Wow that is so special you were able to help out someone. My friend did it and she said it was the closest she ever felt to being a superhero. I think that is exactly what it is you are a superhero. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Beth says

    I can’t believe it has been 8 years. You were The Loveliest Bride! You musings today were interesting. Yes, Yes, Yes about the dishwasher with a third shelf. I bought new dishwasher 3 years ago when I remodeled, I love the third shelf, Genius….

  4. Wendy says

    How, how, how did I miss that you have a military man? I do so I figured it would have stuck out to me if you had mentioned it.