Little Miss’s Baptism

Hello, everyone!  We have just a quick post today to show you some pictures from our Easter morning.  Little Miss was baptized along with four other children, and it was such a special day for her and us.  We had both sets of grandparents and her uncle, auntie, and cousin.  Uncle and Auntie served as Godparents.  Our church has such a beautiful, old-world sanctuary, and the flowers were just so fresh and colorful.  It truly was a perfect setting.


After the fact, I decided that it is really important to either appoint a designated photographer and/or think about the shots I want ahead of time because we did not get a photo of Little Miss by herself in her adorable monogrammed and smocked dress.


Little Miss - The 2 Seasons

She looked like a little princess and felt like one and didn’t want to take her dress off all day – even when she had a chance to ride her bicycle for Grandpa.


Little Miss - The 2 Seasons

She was so happy that her uncle and auntie are her Godparents because she thinks they hung the moon.


Little Miss - The 2 Seasons

She loves her grandparents so much.


Little Miss - The 2 Seasons

After church we had brunch, and she found her Easter basket.  Here she is saying, “What is this?”  We go heavy on the little things and light on the candy.

Little Miss - The 2 Seasons

Much of our time was spent marveling at Baby Girl and watching her watch the colorful balloons we tied on her hands.  She was fascinated by them, and we were fascinated with her.  All in all, it was the perfect weekend with the best spring weather and lots of family time.




  1. Rosalie says

    Hi! What a special time for everyone! I am curious-was the last picture from years past or
    do you have your second sweetie in your family and I have missed the notification.?.
    As always, I do enjoy your blogs and learn as you go through home changes.

    • says


      The last picture is my darling niece. She joined us for the weekend and we couldn’t stop loving on her. We are waiting to be matched with our second child. Hopefully in the fall!