Quick Way to Update a Waste Basket – Revisited

Where did March go?  Are you wondering the same thing we are?  We hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.  We had the perfect Easter Sunday with sun and temperatures in the 70’s.  All of the family visited us in Charlotte to be here for Little Miss’s baptism.  It was just perfect.  Now, let’s get down to business…….As usual our first post of the month is a revisit to a popular post from last year.  That would be our Mom’s post on up to update a waster basket.  Enjoy the revisit.


When I had the wallpaper added to our tiny powder room, I decided to give the wooden waste basket that is in the room a quick update.  It was left here by the previous owner, and when we moved six years ago, I spray painted it and added some decoupaged graphics.  With the navy and green color scheme the room now is sporting, I thought a green waste basket with a nice white monogram would be more fitting.


Updated waste basket in powder room - The 2 Seasons


Jordan and I both had to make a contribution to this project, but it was really simple.  Jordan used her Cameo Silhouette to make a monogram for me.


Updated waste basket in powder room - The 2 Seasons

Then I spray painted the basket a shade of green that matched the gingham in the sink skirt.  I just happened to have the color on hand and didn’t have to buy it.  I let it cure for a couple of days.  When it was time to add the monogram, I simply centered the letters on one side.


Updated waste basket in powder room - The 2 Seaons


Then I gently peeled away the paper.  That was all there was to it.


Updated waste basket in powder room - The 2 Seasons


Now, I have a custom waste basket that was easy to DIY with just a little effort, and it adds a touch of class to the already classy powder room.


Take care.