Five Minute Bread

Happy Friday everyone!  Yankee has been on a bread making kick, and Little Miss and I are loving it.  I know bread sometimes gets a bad rap, and I even went without bread for a year.  I am back on bread after learning that I can handle bread and gluten with my Crohn’s disease.

With traveling the world, I have realized that most countries have amazing bread.  It is one of my favorite things to eat when I travel because bread is different in each country and so good.  Today, instead of sharing a recipe,  I want to share a whole book of bread recipes that Yankee swears by in his bread making.

This book breaks down the mystery of bread making, and Yankee has really enjoyed it and its recipes.  He starts with making a dough that last for 14 days.  Then in the morning he will pull out some dough and whip up a loaf or baguette.  So far, the baguettes are my favorite.


While the dough recipe is not hard, it gives a good explanation on how to make the dough.  Unfortunately, Yankee made the dough when I wasn’t around to take pictures.  But once the dough is made, one can make different types of bread.


Let’s just say the bread has been delicious.  If you have any interest in making bread, I highly recommend checking out this book.


Bon appetite!



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  1. Beth says

    I learned to make bread in the early 70s from the classic old hippie, The Tassajara Bread Book. I made 4 loaves a week and sold 3- it was one of my grad school jobs. I will look for the bread book you recommended.

  2. Patricia says

    This is so perfect – I have been scouring the Internet for bread recipes – I’ve never made bread in my life but suddenly over the past few weeks have a strong desire to start. I just ordered the book from our local library. Can’t wait to pick it up !
    It makes me happy to hear that your husband enjoys making the bread – that’s really cool.