DIY Easter Door Mat

Easter is creeping right up on us this year.  We have friends coming into town this weekend, and then we have lots of family coming into town for Easter and for Little Miss’s baptism.  I thought it was time to get in the spirit and to start adding to some Easter decor.  I love seeing a cute door mat with a holiday theme and knew Easter was the perfect time to make a cute one. Plus, the front door will actually be used by our guests, so I want to spiff it up.   This project was super easy, and I am really happy with how it turned out.

Buy A Plain Door Mat

Rug 1 - DIY Easter Door Mat

I purchased a blank doormat from IKEA for just $5.oo.  What a great deal!  Another  of the many things I love about Charlotte is that IKEA is so close.  If you do not live close to an IKEA,  you can buy a blank doormat online.  I found this one on Amazon.

Rug 2 - DIY Easter Door Mat

Create a Bunny Stencil

I then used my Cameo Silhouette to cut out a bunny design. I really love my Cameo.  I have had it for a couple years and do not use it all the time.  However, when I do, I absolutely love it and enjoy the projects I am able to complete with this little machine.   Instead of using the expensive vinyl that they recommend using, I picked up some contact paper from the dollar store.

Rug 3 - DIY Easter Door Mat

Use Craft Paint and a Sponge

Once the bunny was cut, I peeled back the sticky side and attempted to stick it to the mat.  It didn’t stick that well due to the mat’s material. It had just enough stick to not move around while I was working, though.  I used some pastel craft paint that I had on hand and used the cutout as a stencil and started patting away.

Rug 4 - DIY Easter Door Mat

Leave a Space for the Bunny’s Tail

When I was finished stenciling, I used a small brush to get the paint really into the mat.  I left a circle for the tail, and then I went back and painted it white.

IMG 9554 - DIY Easter Door Mat

Creating this special door mat was a fun and easy project.  I think I might be doing some more custom doormats.  While I worked on the rug, Little Miss enjoyed the fun by painting the same bunnies on some paper.  She kept telling me how much fun she was having.  I have to agree. It doesn’t get any better than listening to the music from Trolls and doing a craft with my daughter.

Rug Blank - DIY Easter Door Mat

Paint the Tail White

I am so happy with how this Easter doormat turned out.  Little Miss agrees as she kept saying it is “so so so cute.”  It is a perfect touch of spring and Easter to welcome our friends and family to our home.

Rug with text - DIY Easter Door Mat

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make an Easter door mat.  Happy Spring!



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