The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Come read what we found this week.

Screen shot from At Lane and High

Here’s an excellent tutorial on how to paint, stain, or reupholster chairs.

Screen shot from Truffles and Trends

This colorful salad looks delicious and healthy.

Screen shot from Classic Casual Home

Ten steps to beautifully styled shelves can be found here.

Screen shot from Cedar Hill Farmhouse

If you have an awkward space behind your sofa, this post might help.


Spring Cleaning Our Homes' Forgotten Areas

Here are some excellent spring cleaning tips.

Screen shot from Southern Living

If you like an organized closet, read this.

Screen shot from Miss Mustard Seed

Here’s a good post on going from carpet to hardwoods.

Okay, friends, that’s it for the week.  Thank you so much for spending some time with us.  Please pin from the original source.





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    Love visiting your blog, ladies, but the ads are really hard to navigate! Even though there’s an X to close them, today they wouldn’t close until I was nearly finished reading the entire post. Recently, on one of Janette’s posts of the new home, she kept referring to something in the bottom corner of a courtyard photo, and it couldn’t be seen for the ad. Perhaps you can revise the placement of where ads are being displayed on your thread? Currently they are [minimally] a ribbon at bottom of photos, but they often completely cover your photos.
    Have a great weekend.

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      Give us a few days and I’ll see what we can do. We haven’t changed it anything but something might have been added without our knowledge.