A Special Birthday Wish

Happy Friday, everyone!  Mom and I are on our way to Nicaragua where we will have our annual volunteer vacation.  We will be working with physically handicapped people and repairing their wheelchairs and walkers, painting and updating their facility, and working on their fundraiser.  We always look forward to these get-aways because we meet so many interesting people and get to have new experiences.  We will still be publishing the blog while we are away, so be sure to stop in.

hurd206 683x1024 - A Special Birthday Wish

(photo by Eric Graf)

We couldn’t go away before letting you all know that my grandfather (Mom’s father) is celebrating his 95th birthday tomorrow.  Grandad is a constant in our family.  He is calm, loyal, hard-working, animal-loving, consistent, and loving.  He fought for our country in World War II and was shot on three different occasions.  Each time he healed and then was sent back out to fight some more.  He was also in the Korean War.  He is very proud of his service to our country and would do it all over again.  If everyone in the world was like my grandad, then we wouldn’t have any problems.  Please join us in wishing Grandad a Happy Birthday!




  1. Linda says

    Thank you for your service sir. Truly, if there were more people like you our world would be a very different place. It’s my privilege to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on your 95th!

  2. Heather says

    Handsome southern gentleman. Exactly what I would envision. My dad served in WW2 as well, even bringing his bride home from England. I sometimes wonder how bereft our world will be when all these great Americans and Canadians who gave so much for us are gone. It will truly be the end of a great generation – one we won’t see the likes of again soon.

    Happy happy birthday to your grand dad. May he enjoy many more in good health!


  3. Patricia says

    A very very Happy Birthday dear Grandad ! And thank you so much for your service to our country and all of us ! What a handsome and debonair gentleman he is !