A Tour of Our Rental

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we are so happy with the furnished apartment we will be renting for at least three months (I hope it’s only three months) while our new place is getting a major overhaul with new windows, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms, kitchen, hardwood, an addition, paint, flooring, and more.  It will be a welcome respite after what will be some long days.  It will also be a nice spot to pull out my sewing machine and make shower curtains, bed skirts, shams, etc.  I’m hoping to devote a lot of time to sewing while we are living there.  You saw a shot of the front yesterday, but I lifted photos from the owner’s website to show you all the interior.

Rental house - The 2 Seasons

We will be living on the second floor of this fabulous lady that was built in 1900.  Neither of us has lived in an historic home before, so that will be a real treat.  The entry is an interior set of stairs that we will enter from the porch on the right.  That second floor side porch will be ours to use.  Fun, fun!!!  We’ll just rock away.



I love the beautiful old floors.  This is the living room, and it is very comfortable.



The large windows let in lots of good light.



Each room has a fireplace in it, but I  don’t think they are all working fireplaces.  That’s okay because we probably won’t use them since it will be spring and summer when we are there.


Screen Shot 2018 02 13 at 1.29.50 PM - A Tour of Our Rental

I love the simple furnishings.  I am so ready for simplicity right now after packing all of our belongings.



There are two large bedrooms with new carpet.  The fireplace is serving as the headboard.



I love this bed.  The owner said it was the only piece of furniture they had to buy for the space, and he found it at a local antique store that I have not heard of.  I’m planning to check it out.

Screen Shot 2018 02 13 at 1.30.32 PM - A Tour of Our Rental

This is one of two bathrooms.  The bathrooms have tile from many decades ago, but they are very clean and bright.



This third bedroom is being used as an office.  I’m not sure if that desk is big enough for Mr. Right so we might have to work something out.  We will probably store our art in here so it won’t have to go to a storage facility.  Oh, those floors.



This is the kitchen.  We will be taking some of our appliances, pots and pans, utensils, etc with us because this is set up as a B and B and not really for long-term renters.  It will make cooking easier if I have things to work with.


The door on the left goes to a back stairway and there’s a large landing where the washer/dryer will be.  We might bring in a small table to set up as a breakfast area there beside the bench.  Time will tell on that.


So, that’s a tour of our temporary home.  We will start moving our clothes, office items, etc. in when we get back from Nicaragua and Panama and will be calling it home for a while.  Thanks so much for following along on this journey.  I am having so much fun because you know I love change.  This is all so exciting for me, and I love sharing it all with you.

Take care.


  1. Terri says

    Wow… she’s a beauty!!! ohhhh those floors!!!! and what a bonus to have access to that cute porch !!!