A Rug for Little Miss

Hi everyone. I hope you enjoyed seeing the kitchen inspiration yesterday. I am making a minor change in Little Miss’s room, and I would love your input.

Last week, when I was vacuuming the rug in her room, I thought it looked tired and rough.  It was in our living room rug in Syracuse and has been almost in our daughter’s room almost two years.  It has served its purpose, and it is time now for a new one.  I should add that Gracie LOVES that rug and likes to pretend she is digging and has snagged it in many places.  She has done the same thing with all of our other rugs, but this one snags easily.

Toddler room - A Rug for Little Miss


Here is a picture of the room when it was ready, and we were waiting for Little Miss.  The room actually looked just like this today when she was playing puzzles on the floor.  We have since added plantation shutters and  book storage to the room.

I have had great success with ordering rugs online, and I have been looking at RugsUSA.  Here are a few that I thought would look sweet in her room.  What do you think?  I would love your opinion of which one you like.  Or if you have seen one online that you think might work, please let me know.  Let the fun begin.


Rug1 650x1024 - A Rug for Little Miss

Rug 1


Screen Shot 2018 02 12 at 1.47.41 PM - A Rug for Little Miss

Rug 2


Rug 3 682x1024 - A Rug for Little Miss

Rug 3


Rug 4 638x1024 - A Rug for Little Miss

Rug 4


Screen Shot 2018 02 12 at 1.52.18 PM - A Rug for Little Miss

Rug 5


Rug 6 642x1024 - A Rug for Little Miss

Rug 6

Ok, there you go. Please please let me know your thoughts.  We love it when you give your opinions.



  1. Laurie says

    I like the second one (cream with pink Arabesque motif), but more importantly which is the one Little Miss likes best?

  2. Karin says

    Oh, if it were my opportunity, I would chose rug #5!! So colorful, playful, and inspiring. My second choice would be # 4. Guess I just like color and I am probably ten times little miss’s age. Can’t wait to see the room with whatever rug is chosen.

  3. Linda says

    Rug Three! A neutral base for any changes you want to make for the future – and, if you get tired of it in her room, a perfect fit for any other room/use.
    If I had to choose with pattern, definitely No. 1.

  4. Emily Lahm says

    Love, love, love number 5. It makes me happy just to look at it! Would be very forgiving , too!

  5. Kath says

    Well…. First thing: Are you keeping the existing bedding?. You have a pink-blue-turq color thing going on and a sweet flower print on the bed. The delicious creamy yellow-gold chair is so charming, and might be just the thing to warm up the neutral rug#3. I think that one of the quilt like rugs, would harmonize with the flower print, that would be #1 or #4. Now…think how close her eyes are to the rug while she is playing…if the goal is the cute wow factor, then the water color bright rug, but think if you want to look in there and see it every day! No to the heart rug and the white background rug…In the words of my darling mother: “You must remember, children never throw up where they are supposed to…” . ( I was considering a perfect white chintz couch at the time – I didn’t get it and she was right!)

  6. Cindi says

    If she spends a lot of time sitting on it I’d make sure it has a decent nap. Some of them look like they wouldn’t be too comfortable (1 and 3)


  7. says

    Are you ready for a bedding change ?? If that answer is yes. I would chose between these three1, 4, 5. But the bedding fabric would have to be a ticking pattern or small check. Solid color drape.maybe trimmed in some of the bedding fabric. If keeping same bedding #2. You can’t go wrong with a nutural.

  8. Amanda says

    #1. Second choice is the stripes and hearts. I’m bitching for anything PINK! I never get to use it!

  9. Donnamae says

    I read all the comments…found out you are keeping the bedding. With that in mind…I would choose #2. It would go with the existing bedding…and she could play checkers…or hop scotch! My favorite one though, is rug #1….it has so much personality. Good luck…has Little Miss made up her mind yet on which one she likes best? 😉