The DIY Home Planner

Do you know our friend Karianne?  Not only is she the author of the amazing Thistlewood Farms, which has been earned all kinds of blog awards, but she has published two books in the past 12 months.  That’s two as in one, two.  We were lucky enough to have been chosen to promote her latest book, The DIY Home Planner.  (It’s available for early pre-ordering here, and it will be released on March 6. And by the way, if you pre-order, then go to this page, enter your receipt number, and get free decorating videos sent to you.)


The DIY Home Planner - the 2 Seasons

Since I am knee-deep in architectural drawings, construction dust, and room layouts right now, it couldn’t have come at a better time.  Don’t get me wrong.  You don’t need to be remodeling town house and a fixer upper at one time to have use for this adorable, colorful book.


The DIY Home Planner - the 2 Seasons

Karianne is loaded with personality, and so is her book.  The illustrations, by Michal Sparks, are colorful and whimsical.   The photos of Karianne’s former home are spot on.

DILY Home Planner - The 2 Seasons

The book deals with the practical side of decorating and designing a home, but it also discusses the fun stuff like fabrics, and how to mix patterns and colors.   There’s a chapter on accessory styling, window treatments, and more.  There’s even a resource guide.  There are several pages of graphs so you can draw up any room you want to decorate or design.  There are even “to scale” furniture pieces so you can place furniture in a room without actually lifting it.  #saveyourback  All of these little tips and techniques will make it be my go-to source for advice when I’m trying to make a troublesome decorating decision.

The DIY Home Planner - The 2 Seasons

If you need to know how many lights go in a hallway, you can learn how to calculate that.  Ditto for how and where to hang sconces in a bathroom.  Deciding where to hang a sconce or chandelier is always tough for me.  Do you struggle with this, too? Find out lots of ways to add interest to a wall with just tape and paint.  Faux paneling and ombre walls are two that come to mind.  There’s even a cute little pocket in the back for holding things like fabric swatches and paint cards.

Screen shot from Thistlewood Farms


Now, let me tell you that The DIY Home Planner is a book that anyone who likes to tinker in house DIY should own.  It’s practical, whimsical, adorable, affordable, and a must-have.


Take care.


We were given The DIY Home Planner as a promotion, but all opinions are our own.


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  1. Beth says

    What a lovely book. I love the illustrations by Michael Sparks, they are simple, charming and add unity. I read Karianne’s blog several years ago, but I am now reading their blogs, especially British decorating blog. Thi book would make a great gift. Thank you for featuring it.