Toddler Yoga

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Thank you all for your suggestions on yesterday’s post about how I can save my plant.  I already plan to transplant it and slow down on the watering.  Mom and I are always talking about what would make some good blog content that you all would actually want to read.  Most times when she visits, she will see a project I did, or I will tell her about something else, and she says our readers might like to know about it.   So many times I don’t think something is blog worthy when it just might be.  Since this is a lifestyle blog, and about a little bit about everything, I thought I’ll now share more of those little projects and/or things we do around here.


IMG 9158 e1516735059166 - Toddler Yoga

Today we are going to be talking about toddler yoga.  Now I know not all of you have toddlers running around your house, but you might have grandchildren, neighbors or just know someone with a toddler and you can tell them about this (and us.)  We have discovered Cosmic Kids Yoga, and Little Miss just loves it.  So, grab your yoga mat and read along.


IMG 9166 - Toddler Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a yoga series on Youtube, and it is so fun for the little ones. It is fun for adults, too, and I have joined in for some of the stories.   They also have a website here, and you can watch the videos there as well.  Jaime is the “yoga instructor” and she guides the children through a story all while doing yoga poses.


IMG 9145 - Toddler Yoga

The video starts out with Nameste, and they are ready to go.  Some of the stories told are “the hungry caterpillar,” “Calypso the flamingo,” “Moana,” “Starwars,” and many other stories.  They range in under 15 minutes to over and closer to 30 minutes.


IMG 8644 e1516735043491 - Toddler Yoga

I try my best to limit screen time, but this is one thing I am happy to put on the television while I am cooking dinner.  It is fun, yet calming.  However, Gracie gets super excited when she sees the yoga mat come out, or when I move the coffee table.


IMG 9167 - Toddler Yoga

Gracie likes to roll around the same time Little Miss is on the floor though in these pictures she looks like she is the guard dog.  It is fun, and it is quick .  So, if you need a little winter activity or are looking for something your toddler can do while you are cooking a meal, try this!


If you have any other activity suggestions,  I am always all ears.