Third Floor Before Tour of the Town House

We are finally making it to the top floor of our new townhouse today.  For me personally, this floor is what swung me in the direction of we should move from our”come to Jesus” house to this one.  I have called our current home our “come to Jesus” house ever since we moved in because I had every intention of living here until I die.  Well…….so much for that plan.  After entertaining the whole family last year for our annual July 4th get-together, I was thinking maybe our place was a little too snug for all of us.  After all, Little Miss was sleeping on a blow-up mattress on the floor beside her parents’ bed in the only guest bedroom, and my son and daughter-in-law were sleeping on our Murphy bed in the basement.  That sounds fine except the basement does not have a window meaning there’s no escape point in case of fire.  Now, add to all of that the fact that we just had a new grandchild, and Jordan has one on the way.  And if all goes as hoped and planned, there will be a number four.  Where were all those people and babies going to sleep??????  Our new townhouse has answered that question.  Some of them can now sleep on the third floor.

Townhouse before third floor dorm - the 2 Seasons

The third floor is a truly delightful bonus.  There are two bedrooms, and few huge closets, and a full bath.  The nice thing about this area is that the whole space can be closed off when it’s not in use.  That’s a total win-win.

Townhouse before third floor dorm - The 2 Seasons

This room is the largest bedroom up there, and I am calling it the dorm.  We will be painting it, adding new windows, and replacing the carpet.  We are going to do carpet on just this floor because it will be quieter.  The other floors will be hardwood.  This room will be kid central, and we will be buying three twin beds to go in here.  I have some cute plans to make it very fun and inviting for the little ones as they become toddlers.

Towhnhouse before third floor - The 2 Seasons

Don’t worry.  They won’t be up there alone.  This room will be converted into a guest room with a queen sized bed so that adult supervision will be close at hand.

Screen Shot 2017 12 21 at 5.13.36 PM - Third Floor Before Tour of the Town House

The wallpaper is already off and the carpet is gone.  So, the space is just waiting for windows, paint, plantation shutters and carpet.  We will not be adding molding to this top floor.

Townhouse before craft closet

This big closet will become my craft space.  It’s has a low sloping ceiling in the middle, but I can navigate around it with no problems.  I will put my sewing machine in there and along with all of my craft goodies.

Townhouse before third floor - The 2 Seasons

This bathroom is small and has just what is needed, but I am going to have some fun with it.  Right now it is a blank space.  Everything has been torn out, and we are just waiting to start putting it back together.  It does have a big skylight that is such a blessing.

Townhouse before third floor - The 2 Seasons

Oh, and I had to share this red stairway with you.  The red will be GONE, GONE, GONE!


That’s the third floor as it looked when we bought the place.  It has been completely gutted and is just waiting for our contractor/painter/electrician/plumber/window guy to get started.


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  1. kathy says

    This will be perfect! How fun for you and how blessed you are! I am most excited to see your kitchen, family room, and those three twin beds!

    • says

      Kathy, we meet with our architect today. He has the plans drawn up, and I can’t wait to see his ideas. Of course, we will have him tweak anything that we don’t like.

  2. Cheryl Ann says

    That is just the perfect place for grands! They are going to love it as they get older and become great friends! Cannot wait to see more of this lovely home, Janette. You will make it very special!

  3. Sunny C says

    Dearest Janette & Family;
    Many Congrats on your Beautiful new Home!!! I cannot wait to see Photos of all of the new changes which are made.

  4. Carolyn Rasnick says

    Knowing the height of your kids, you might want to add a king bed instead of a queen on the third floor. It might even keep them around for a day or two more! Much more comfortable sleeping!!! Just sayin’…..

    • says

      Carolyn, I don’t think a king bed would make the turn to go up those steps. That corner is kind of tight. Plus, the new Peacock Alley sheets for the guest rooms arrived yesterday.