The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

I am headed to DC this week-end to meet my new niece.  It will be so much fun to see that little girl in person.  Meanwhile, let’s check out the features we have for this Saturday Selections.

Screen shot from Elle

Ahhhh…..the price of dressing like a princess.  Read about it here.

Screen shot from Country Living

Here’s a tip on adding patina to copper.

Screen shot from House Beautiful

There’s are lots of different decor trends for 2018.  Check these out from House Beautiful.


Screen shot from Cleobuttera

This is a very special hot chocolate, and maybe today is the perfect day to drink it.

Screen shot from Amazon

In her quest to be super organized in her new home, Mom has ordered this label maker.


Screen shot from Pop Shop America

Tassel earrings are all the rage.  Learn how to make your own here.