2018 Goals and Thoughts

We have been in 2018 for a few days now, but in my mind, my New Years always starts after my birthday.  I spend the week between New Years and my birthday still eating a few more cookies and staying up too late.  Now that my special day has come and gone, it is time to sit down and write some goals for myself and our home for 2018.

Living room - The 2 Seasons


I feel I am always all over the place in our home. Last year one of my main goals was to get our living room in order.  I really feel that I accomplished it, and I LOVE the room.  At the end of the day, that is what matters.  I love the colors, the furniture, and the comfort.  We enjoy lounging and watching some TV or reading after Little Miss goes to bed.  We enjoy playing a game of Candy Land, and I love being able to cook and watch Yankee and Little Miss play.  I feel I am still part of the family while not being completely removed when cooking.

This year I have not picked one big thing, but there are few smallish updates I am hoping to make in our house.

Dining room reveal - The 2 Seasons

Dining Room

We use our dining room daily, and the chairs are starting to show their age.  We had them before we were married, and they have made a couple of moves.  The style is no longer what I am looking to have in that room.  I have been looking at chairs for months, but I just haven’t found the ones with my name on them.  I would love any input you all have to offer.  I am looking for something that looks nice, is comfortable, and can handle the food droppings of a toddler.  Yankee talks about wanting to make a new table.  I am not in a rush, but I won’t turn down a new dining room table!


Bath - 2018 Goals and Thoughts

First Floor Bath

I want to spiff up our bathroom on the main floor.  I found this photo from the listing when we bought the house, but there is not much to show.  The first-floor bath is a full bath which at this point in our lives is pointless.  I use the shower area mostly to air dry my clothes that I can’t put in the dryer.  I did remove the glass door and added a monogrammed shower curtain.  (‘ll need to try to get a pic to show y’all.) I am adding this higher to the list of things to work on because it gets used a lot since it is the only bathroom on the main floor. It is so blah, and I would love to give it a fun personality.  The tile is beige, and while I don’t think I can replace the floors this year I have been doing research about painting them.  It is a small room so I also have toyed around with the idea of doing a bold wallpaper.  I get sucked in on Pinterest when I search for wallpapered powered rooms.  They are just so fun.  We shall see how this room evolves.



Playroom - The 2 Seasons


I have pinned pictures of bookshelves around French doors, and Yankee has started to draw up some plans.  We would loves shelves that go around the doors in the playroom.  I could decorate the high shelves, and Little Miss could have some space for all her books on the bottom shelves.


1 sweater wreath 2 - 2018 Goals and Thoughts


I love wreaths, and I don’t have many for my door.  I see so many cute ones, and I would love to make some seasonal ones for our house.  It would be fun to do with Little Miss.  Cute wreaths would spiff up our front door, and I could share them with you along the way.  This adorable winter one is from StoneGable, and it looks so easy to make.


Sink - 2018 Goals and Thoughts


This year I am trying to up my cleaning game.  My house is clean, but I might not hit the baseboards or shutters as often as I should.  I am a clean it in one day type of girl. I am changing things up, and I am going to try to clean the baths one day, dust one day, etc.  One thing I have really started to do is clean the kitchen sink throughout the day.  I did a deep cleaning, and now I am even wiping down the watermarks as I walk by.  It might be a little much right now, but it really makes me feel my whole kitchen is in order.


As you know we LOVE to travel and explore.  I want to continue to do that as a family.  We have some big trips coming up with Little Miss, but I also want to explore North Carolina.  Now that she is a little older, we can do some small hikes and really get out and check out all these fun places in our state. If there are any must-sees in North or even South Carolina, please let me know.


Enjoy the present

I do my best to live in the present, and I want to continue to do that.  Since we are in the process of adopting a second child, I get lots of questions about when we will be matched with our child, when will we travel to bring it home, and why does it take so long.  (I’ll have an adoption update soon).  However, this time around things are different.  My daughter is home with us in our arms, and I don’t want to wish any of this special time we have together away.  The wait is hard, but the new little one will be home before I know it, and I want to soak up the present and be in the now.

Well, there you go. This isn’t everything, but it’s some parts I thought I would share. I am not sure if these are goals, resolutions or just some random thoughts, but I always love reading what others have for their goals so I thought I would share some of mine.



  1. Maureen McCroskey says

    Looking forward to seeing the wreaths you create with Little Miss. Happy New Year to you and your mom!

  2. Laura says

    Do you follow Clean Mama on Instagram? She has some great cleaning tips as well as a daily cleaning schedule. You might find her blog helpful.

    • says


      I just started following her and I love how she breaks things down daily. She is the one that got me thinking into the daily cleaning vs the once a week cleaning! Thanks for sharing if you know any others you like let us know!

  3. kathy says

    Jordan, I am sure you have probably already taken Little Miss to the NC Zoo in Asheboro. If not, it is not very far at all from you and the zoo is awesome…natural habitats!