Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Today I want to devote the entire blog post to my partner and daughter, Jordan.  She had a birthday yesterday, and I just would like to shout from the roof tops how special she is to me and others.  Each year we acknowledge each other’s birthday here on the blog, but this year I want to give her the entire post.


Jordan and I have always had a very calm and easy relationship.  We never really had that awkward period where we struggled to maintain peace and sanity with each other.  It has just always been easy.  Sure, when she was in high school, we might have had a tug once or twice, but nothing really major.


The only time that I can think of that she defied me is now a remembrance that brings smiles to our family’s faces because it was so “not Jordan.”  When she was three or four, I took Jordan and her brother Cory to see “Goonies.”  For some reason, she just wouldn’t behave in the movie theater, and I had to take her out and have a good talk with her.  That is the only time that I can remember her to not obey her dad or me outwardly.  I know she quietly agitated her brother when we weren’t looking, but I think that’s normal.  Whenever it was necessary to punish her, we withheld dessert.  That was true punishment to her.

DSCF1534 577x1024 - Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Most of you don’t know this, but when Jordan was 17 and in the 11th grade, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  She had surgery and had part of her colon removed, and she has a big old scar on her abdomen to prove it.  So, for more than half of her life, she has been dealing with that disease.  She made a conscious effort to remain stress-free, because stress is one of the things that can cause a flare-up.

IMG 6062 1024x683 - Happy Birthday, Jordan!

She also made up her mind back then that she would not let this disease control her life, and it hasn’t.  She continued to play volleyball in high school and went on to have a wonderful experience as a sorority girl at the University of Georgia. During college and post-grad, she rode her bicycle across the country three different times to help raise money for Habitat for Humanity in New Haven, CT.

DSCF1753 577x1024 - Happy Birthday, Jordan!

This fundraiser was put on by students at Yale University, and she helped raise over $600,000 and is the only participant to ever ride all three routes.  (Since then, the fundraiser has been discontinued.)  She was also one of four riders featured in a documentary about the ride, and if you’re curious, it’s available here.  Yale funded this video which was made by a student film crew back in 2006.


DSCF0375 1024x577 - Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Later on the two of us had the chance to ride our bicycles together in Africa.  She and her dad started from the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris enroute to Dakar, Senegal with a company out of Holland.  Just a few days into the trip, he became ill and had to have surgery in a French hospital.  When he could travel, he flew home, and I then loaded up my bicycle and met up with Jordan and the group (mostly Europeans) in southern Spain.

DSCF1786 1024x577 - Happy Birthday, Jordan!

We rode through the Sahara desert, camped in tents, and made it to Dakar.  I was definitely the weak link in our duo, and she encouraged me, took care of me, and helped me make it through that grueling experience.  She thinks back about it and says our ideas of the trip are totally different.  To me it was grueling challenge and the hardest thing I have ever done, but to her, it was a wonderful fun-filled adventure.


She has run a half and a full marathon.  Here she is running a marathon in Washington, DC.

Jordan engagement photo

Her bike rides across the country  were instrumental in her meeting the love of her life.  She was in Hawaii visiting a friend she had made on one of the rides, and she met the man who became her husband. This is their engagement photo that appeared in the New York Times when their marriage was announced.  You can read it here.

Wedding us with horse 682x1024 - Happy Birthday, Jordan!

(photo by Eric Graf)

Together, they have built a beautiful relationship, and now together are raising the most adorable little girl.

Caribbean cruise - The 2 Seasons

Jordan is a natural mommy, and she loves every minute of it.

IMG 3314 e1515167850820 768x1024 - Happy Birthday, Jordan!

She has traveled the world and has improved the lives of people around the world through her volunteer efforts.  And when she travels, children just are drawn to her.  In between building, digging, painting, she will be carrying a child while a few are following her.


Here on the blog, she is the strong one behind the scenes.  While I might be writing the majority of the posts, she works on the tech end of it as well as deals with correspondence, advertisers, contracts, and payments on a daily basis.  This is definitely an equal partnership.

Jordan and Janette

So, friends, please join me in wishing Jordan and very Happy Birthday!  I can’t imagine my life without her.


Take care.


  1. Katie Brock says

    Happy Birthday, Jordan! You are such an enthusiastic, positive, and fun person who seems to enjoy all of life’s moments. I enjoy seeing you and Little Miss on the blog. Hope you have a fabulous day!

  2. Mary says

    Happy birthday Jordan!! You are truly a bright light in the world. Your laugh and smile are infectious. I will be cheering for your Dawgs tonight!

  3. Joan says

    Happy Birthday Jordan! this was a lovely post getting to know you even better. I really enjoy your Mother – Daughter blog. May you have a year filled with joy, love, laughter and peace.

  4. Beth says

    Happy Birthday, it has been such a delight to watch you grow from a darling little girl to the lovely and gracious wife and mother you are today. You are capable, smart, energetic and very funny. Enjoy this time, it is so special. With loveBeth

  5. Carolyn Rasnick says

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful gal, inside and out! So thrilled for you and your fabulous birthday gift that just arrived right on time!! You and your niece will have an extra special bond as birthday buddies!!
    Hope you and your daughter have as wonderful of a relationship as you and your mom have had!

  6. Patricia says

    Happy Birthday Jordan ! What a beautiful tribute. ! What a wonderful Mother-Daughter relationship you both share.

  7. Donnamae says

    Happy Birthday Jordan!! I read your wedding announcement….what fun! Hope you have a wondrous day! 😉

  8. Mary Johns says

    Happy happy day Jordan! You are an inspiration. Best wishes for more adventure in your new year of life.

  9. Deb says

    Love you both! Happy Birthday Jordan!! It is easy to see where you get your parenting skills from.

  10. jamie says

    Happy Birthday Jordan! You are amazing and I enjoy reading about all your adventures.
    I am sure Little Miss will grow up to be a well traveled and confident woman under your guidance.

  11. Susan B. Jones says

    Happy Birthday to Jordan! Which sorority was she in? I live near Athens and ride up and down Milledge all the time!

    • says

      I was in Gamma Phi Beta. It is one of the big white houses with a big brick walk up. All those houses are beautiful on Milledge!

  12. Judy Williams says

    What a beautiful adventure mother and daughter have shared. Happy Birthday Jordan!