We Are Moving

(We’re still having some issues with our blog since we were hacked, so please bear with us as we work them out).

You all…….I have been just counting the minutes till I could share this crazy news with you.  Mr. Right and I have bought a new (to us) place, and we are moving.  I know!!!  But hold on…..It’s probably not what you think.   We are not moving away – we are just moving.  We are staying in Lexington, and we’re staying in the very same neighborhood.  We bought a bigger townhouse about 1.5 blocks away.  The best way to describe the location is to say that right now the  city park is in the front of us.  At the new place, the city park will be behind us. We just signed the papers to list our current house, so any Lexington readers out there looking for a move-in ready townhouse, ours is waiting for you.  It will be on the market as soon as the photographer takes photos.

Townhouse exterior before

(This exterior photo is taken from the listing photos.  We have already removed those overgrown bushes.)

Now let’s get to the crazy details.

1.  The new townhouse (NT) is what I will call it to keep things clear.  The place we are in now will be called the townhouse, and the house we are remodeling for our friend will continue to be called the Fixer Upper.  Got that?

2.  The NT was built in 1980 by a very reputable builder who actually built it for himself and his wife.  It has had four sets of owners before us.  However, nothing has been done to it since 1980.  That means a major remodel is in our very near future which just tickles me pink!  And we’re going to take you right along with us.  So, buckle up, and get ready to help me make some decorating decisions.

3.  The place was on the market for over a year with no offers.  That’s because no one wanted to take on the responsibility of remodeling.  Empty-nesters who are looking to down-size don’t want to spend their time remodeling.  They would much rather be playing golf or riding bicycles than dealing with contractors.  We don’t mind, though.  We love change, and we love projects.  We will deal with contractors all day long and still find time to ride our bicycles.

Townhouse Exterior Before -The 2 Seasons

(I took this photo yesterday with the big bushes removed and the leaves raked.  Stay tuned for new roof, windows, paint color, landscaping, front door color, lights, and clean brick.)

4.  Even though it’s right around the corner, we really didn’t pay much attention to the place because it was way over priced.  That’s another reason why it sat on the market so long.  So, one Sunday morning in October, Mr. Right saw that its price had been reduced, and the realtor was hosting an open house that afternoon.  We decided to walk over and take a look.  Immediately we saw the potential that it would offer our growing family.  When we bought our current place, we had two adult children and one son-in-law who visited from out of town.  Now, we also have a daughter -in-law, a granddaughter, and a grandbaby that is due to be born any day now.  Plus, Jordan is adopting a second child.  We thought it might be nice to have a little more space.

5.  This new place has all kinds of space.  Tomorrow I will be showing you the first floor as it is now and tell you about the changes we will be making.  Then we’ll show you the second floor.  And then…….are you ready for it??????…….we will be showing you the third floor.  Plus, there’s a theater in the basement that needs major love.  We made our first offer back in October, but it was rejected.  Then all of a sudden things started happening.  We made a slightly higher offer on Thursday, Dec. 21 and were the official owners with the papers signed by the following Wednesday.

6.  The NT has a small front yard that we will have landscaped so that it won’t need much attention from us.  There’s an adorable courtyard that’s slightly bigger than the one we have right now.  Also, there’s a breezeway that we will enclose with screen and glass so we can enjoy it as a porch in the summer.  I’m trying to talk Mr. Right into putting a fireplace out there. There are three fireplaces in the house.

7.  We will be doing a major remodel that will include a new roof, new windows, new exterior and interior paint, new plumbing and electrical, new HVAC, new kitchen and baths, refinished/new floors, new door hardware, and more.  We’ve already had our first walk-through with our architect, and he has started the drawings.  Our goal is to be in by July 4th.

That’s about it for today.  The next few posts will be heavy on words because there’s so much to tell you.  I hope that’s okay.

Take care.


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    Congrats Janette! Been catching up on your posts….Sounds like a great house and great projects…Question….you call your new home a townhouse. It looks detached…I am used to homes that are referred as townhouses to be an attached home…(sharing a common wall with another home) … your new place looks very grand and I am sure that you will do your magic on this wonderful new home of yours!

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      Shirley, it is attached on the left rear at the corner. There’s a whole block of attached townhouses, and each has a brick wall with a courtyard. It’s in an historic neighborhood, and they are all beautiful. I’ll be sharing photos of our neighbors’ homes when the weather warms up.