Our Favorite Recipes from 2017

Today is the last of our posts about our favorites from this year.  Since we always publish a recipe on Fridays, that’s what we have for you today.  We prepare and eat each of the recipes we share with you here on the blog,  We use lots of sources and always give credit to the source.  Enjoy seeing our favorites again, and maybe you would like to fix one or two this weekend.  After all, it’s still the holidays.

Spicy Asian Slaw - The 2 Seasons

Spicy Asian slaw was my absolute favorite salad that I made this year, and I made it again and again.  I loved the crunch, the colors, and the flavor.

Corn and Tomato Salad - The 2 Seasons

 This colorful and flavorful corn and tomato salad is one that I have made several times.  The recipe calls for fresh corn, but it could probably be made with frozen corn that you thaw ahead of time.  The bright greens, red, and yellow make it look so appealing.  Remember, you eat with your eyes first.

Delicious Roasted Chicken - The 2 Seasons

 This might seem like a generic choice for a favorite recipe, but you just can’t go wrong with a good roasted chicken.  I love chicken and could eat it every day, and this is a good one.  It’s good for a weeknight dinner for the family or a fancy dinner for guests.


Fish on the floor - A rich, tasty original recipe from The 2 Seasons

 This recipe is an original that a family friend created.  The name is weird, but fish on the floor is more than just fish.  It’s fish and crackers and cheese and more.  Yummy!  The photos didn’t turn out too great, but don’t let them keep you from making this delicious dish.  It’s also good enough for company.


Classic Southern Pound Cake from Southern Living - The 2 Seasons

A basic recipe like classic southern pound cake is so helpful to have.  You can dunk it in coffee, top it with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or berries.  It can become strawberry shortcake or the basis for a trifle.  Give this one a try.


Thank you all for spending part of your year with us.  Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend, and here’s to a year full of love, health, happiness, faith, and reward.  We are looking forward to January, 2018.  It will bring us a new baby in the family; we will each celebrate a birthday, and our blog will turn seven.  All of those things should happen in the first two weeks of the month, but we all know that babies come when they are ready – not necessarily when they are due.



Take care.