Our Favorite Travel Posts from 2017

We are back today with another one of our favorites from this year.  Together, we have racked up quite a few frequent flyer miles this year.  Traveling just seems to be in our blood, and we crave it.  If we stay home for a while, our suitcases start calling out to us.  That’s all going to change for me when Little Miss gets into school, but for now we are taking advantage of traveling as much as possible.  Here are our favorite trips from this year.  As an aside, we were talking on our cruise two weeks ago that we should become travel agents.  I think we were kind of serious.


Visiting Central America


Our spring trip to Central America (see part 2 here) was a travel highlight for me this  year.  And the best part of that trip was sliding down a volcano.  I get to return to Nicaragua in February where we will be doing our annual volunteer vacation.  Little Miss is going, too.  Mom is hoping to ride down that volcano herself.


Williamsburg at Thanksgiving - The 2 Seasons


We often forget all the wonderful things that can be discovered when we travel in the USA.  Williamsburg was a great trip for us this year.  First of all, it was wonderful being there with family, and being there at Thanksgiving made it even better.  Read about our trip here.


Russia - The 2 Seasons

 Mom loves a trip that involves adventure, and so Bicycling in Russia is one of her favorite posts from this year.  She says she would do it again in a heartbeat, but there are other places calling her name.


Laos - The 2 Seasons

Even though she has been there before, Mom’s trip to Laos, where she and Dad helped build a school, will go down as a special memory.  Their good friend, Raymond Chew, organized the trip, and they both say he was the nicest man they ever knew.  Raymond was killed by a hit and run driver while riding his bicycle near his home in Singapore in November.  We all knew and loved Raymond, and he did so much good in the world.  Mom is so glad that she and Dad had this one last trip with him.


Baltic States - The 2 Seasons

 Mom is always saying that she can’t choose one trip as her favorite because it would be like saying one child is her favorite.  However, she really loved their trip to the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.  Yankee and I now want to go there, too.


So, there you go.  Those are our favorite travel posts from this year.  Right now as you read this, both of us are on trips, and we will be sure to tell you about them soon.