Janette’s 2017 Christmas Card

Little Miss Christmas card - The 2 Seasons

Usually to send or not to send out Christmas cards is a last minute decision around here.  In fact, Jordan plans to send out a New Year card because she just didn’t get around to sending out cards this month.  My dear friend Carolyn sends out Valentine cards, which I think is genius.  She, the husband and grands get all dressed in Valentine garb, and they’re always adorable.  Those cards don’t get buried in the holiday piles that many of us are dealing with right now.  When we wrote a post for Basic Invites a few weeks ago, we said we had some cards coming.  This is not a sponsored post, but I did want to share what we sent out this  year.

 Little Miss Christmas card - The 2 Seasons


I selected this card with a chalk board background.  So, those smudges are supposed to be there.  Notice that Little Miss is wearing a summer dress rather than something holiday, and I must say she has the cutest little holiday outfits.  However, cards were a last minute decision, and this pose taken on the quick in late summer just captures her personality.  The girl loves necklaces, and she is almost always wearing one.  So, as we wind down for the week with just tomorrow’s post left before Christmas, I wanted to show you our card.


Also, as an aside, we will be doing round-ups next week on our favorite projects, travel posts, and recipes from this year so be sure to stop in and see them.  Meanwhile, we will see you tomorrow.


Take care.


  1. Barry Nemmers says

    She is just so incredibly cute and so photogenic!
    Years ago a colleague of mine (Chinese American) said it is OK to send holiday cards anytime up through Chinese New Year. I continue to rely on that excuse.