Holiday Sugar Cookies

Hi everyone, and happy Friday! We are enjoying the Christmas spirit here. It has been so fun this year with Little Miss really getting into the holidays. We are doing Elf on the Shelf, and I think all parties involved are having a great time. Her face each morning trying to find our elf is just adorable.


With the holiday season, we have picked up our cookie baking. I have been playing around with decorating sugar cookies, and I am really enjoying it. I found some cookies online that were stamped with a rubber stamp.  I thought I could do that one.   I thought I would share the process with you, and how it all worked.  Remember , am still learning, and this is real life!

Cookie Stamping


First up, I made a batch of sugar cookies.  I am still loving the recipe from the barefoot baker.  You only chill the dough for about 10 minutes, and that time frame works great for me.  For these cookies, I was envisioning a black cookie with a white message stamped on the cookie.  I was hoping for the look of a chalkboard but with a cookie. I baked the cookies, and after they cooled, I piped them to make an edge.


Cookie stamping


I then made a batch of black icing and started flooding the cookies.  I flooded about half of the batch with black.  Once the cookies were flooded, they needed to dry at least 24 hours.


Cookie stamping


I picked up a cute stamp and white food coloring from Hobby Lobby.  This would be perfect for the vintage chalkboard cookie look I was going for with these cookies.


Cookie stamping


As directed, I added a little bit of vodka to the color.  It took a very small amount to mix.  Next up, I used a makeup sponge and patted the color on the stamp.


Cookie stamping


Then I pressed down on the cookie really hard like I was stamping paper.  I was so excited to remove the stamp, and then I could barely see the lettering.  Whomp, whomp.  I texted Mom to show her my cookie fail, and she said it was time for plan B.


Cookie stamping

I sent her this picture back eating the cookies.  That was my plan B.  After having a cookie, I mixed up some red flood icing and decided to give it another go with a different color.  My cookies were already piped with black icing, and red would be a good contrast.


Cookie stamping


I waited for another 24 hours and then did the whole process again.  The white did show up a lot better on the red, but it wasn’t as bold as I was hoping.  I do not own one of these, but the next time I will use these edible markers to touch up the stamp, and make it bolder.

Well, there you have it –  my real-life cookie stamping.  At the end of the day at least the cookies are tasty, they were made with love, and that’s what matters.  Right?



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