Our Favorite Etsy Shops

We know that you are seeing lots of blog posts that are featuring all kinds of Christmas goodies for you to buy.  We thought it might be fun to recognize the individually owned shops over on Etsy.  All of the Etsy stores are small businesses run by people just like you and us.  The Etsy shops that we are sharing today are shops we have actually made purchases from, and so we are speaking from experience.  Each of the items that we purchased were exactly like we thought they would be.  We were able to communicate with the shop owners through emails when necessary, and they always got back to us right away.  If you are looking for gifts that are different from those items you are seeing at the mall and on Amazon, then give Etsy a look.

 Map dress in Little Miss's room - The 2 Seasons

We still love this paper dress made from a map of Thailand.  It hangs in Little Miss’s room, and adds a personal touch.  The vendor, Scrappymade can use maps, sheet music, wallpaper, newspapers, and more to make little shirts, place cards, ornaments, garlands, etc.


Screen shot from Scrappy Made

 How cute is this dress made from sheet music?  It can be made in a shirt, too.  Do you have a hard-to-buy for musician on your list?


Guest bedroom - The 2 Seasons

I bought the original oil painting of Lulubelle on Etsy.  She is by an artist called rozart, and rozart has tons of originals and prints for sale.  She even does commission work.  For instance, if someone in your family had a wedding this year, give them a painting of their first dance, etc.


Screen shot from rozart

Or how about a painting of the family pet, the new baby with mother, or the children playing?


Screen shot from Audrey Durden Co.


We bought monogrammed swizzle sticks for Mom last year from this vendor, and she loves them.


Screen shot from Dixie Delights


We have loved every single item we have ordered from our friend Amanda’s shop.  She carries monogrammed note cards, paper products, ornaments, and much more.  She has even added dishes.  She takes great care in the packaging, and we love her preppy selection.


Screen shot from Happy Thought Gifts

For things you need but didn’t know you needed them, this shop has a great selection.  Mom loves pulling out her monogrammed tape measure when she’s shopping.


Screen shot from When I Was Your Age


We were really impressed with the personalized place mats we ordered for the July 4th rehearsal dinner for my brother and sister-in-law. The vendor has TONS of personalized items that are so cute and trendy.


Screen shot from When I Was Your Age


Be sure to check them out.


Updated waste basket in powder room - The 2 Seasons


Mom DIYed this waste basket for her powder room with my help, but you can buy one from Etsy that already has its monogram.


Screen shot from Mary Lucas Gifts


She also has a monogrammed waste basket in her master bathroom that came from this shop.


Screen shot from Aren't You Cute

We love a monogram because it just seems to make a gift so much more personalized.  We also love jewelry, so it makes sense that we love our jewelry from this shop.  Mom has this pearl and tortoise bracelet and always gets compliments on it.


Screen Shot from Aren't You Cute

I have one of these bracelets with my own monogram and get compliments on it, too.


We can almost bet that anyone who receives a gift from one of these shops will love it.  While you are at it, why don’t you treat yourself to a gift?




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  1. Mary says

    Love this gift guide….. the best in blogland…..fabulous monogram products at “friendly” prices. Thanks for sharing!

  2. kathy says

    Thank you!!! I love these gift ideas! (Maybe it is my computer but each time I click on the etsy stores, my computer says the sites are blocked.)

    • says


      It sounds like that is a setting on your computer. I would google it and see what you can do. It sounds like something is disabled. Good luck!