DIY Painted Candy Cane Candles


DIY Candy Cane Candles #1

Today we are going to show you a simple candle craft that is very kid-friendly. This is a simple way to upgrade pillar candles, but it can easily be done to some tapers for a special holiday look.

 DIY Candy Cane Candles - The 2 Seasons

Materials Needed


For this project, you need pillar candles, red craft paint, painter’s tape, and a paint brush.  I bought some pillar candles at Ikea, but you can find them at most craft stores or here.

 DIY Candy Cane Candles - The 2 Seasons

The Candle Painting Process

Decide how wide you want the stripes on your candles to be, and then add the tape.  Make sure it is sealed well around the edges so that the paint won’t seep under the tape and ruin your project.  You can use a credit card to seal down the edges.  Even doing this, my candles still had some leakage, but that’s okay.  It only shows up in these photos.  In real life, there’s so much going on that the occasional uneven line doesn’t look too bad.  Then use a foam paint brush or a craft paint brush, and apply the paint.  It might take more than one coat.  Let the paint dry between coats.


 DIY Candy Cane Candles #1


When you are finished, you might want to glue on a little bit of holly or other greenery just to make it look even more festive.  These candles are more for looks than for burning because the paint is not flame proof.  They look really cute on a big candle holder or in a lantern.  Find an adorable similar lantern here.


 DIY Candy Cane Candle - The 2 Seasons

If you liked this simple project, you can do it in just a matter of minutes.  However, if you like the look but don’t want to do the craft, here’s a similar candle all ready for you.  If you want some cute matches to go with your candle, we have some DIY Christmas matches here.


Take care.


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