The Christmas Wreaths at Colonial Williamsburg

Hi everyone!  Yesterday Mom showed you photos from our Thanksgiving visit to Williamsburg, VA, and today I am going to show you their beautiful Christmas wreaths, door decorations, and garlands.  One of the things we loved about the decorations was the fact that everything was all natural.  They used wreaths and garlands made from live greenery, but then the items they used to enhance them were also natural.  We saw cotton, golden rod, oyster shells, tobacco, lavender, feathers, dried pods, wheat, and even something really creepy.  It was all so beautiful, and inspired us to take a natural approach on our own outdoor wreaths.


We have listed under the photos what some of the main items are.  We can’t identify everything.


Wreaths #3

Pine cones, pomegranates, dried pods, berries

Wreaths #4

Wreath #10

Dried flowers, acorns, pine cones

Wreath #11

Wreaths #1

Apples, dried berries, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, dried flowers

Wreaths #2

Wreaths #8

This is probably the most popular Williamsburg door treatment for Christmas.  It uses apples and a pineapple.

Wreaths #7

Wreaths #5

Magnolia leaves, apple, dried pods

Wreaths #6

Wreath #12

Pipes, oyster shells, pineapple, dried pods,  pomegranates

Wreath #16

Oranges, garlic, dried hot peppers

Wreath #13

Apples, oranges, lemons, cotton

Wreath #14

This one has a creep factor.  It uses pine cones, dried orange slices, feathers, cotton, dried flowers, pipes, soap, combs, and…….are you ready for it………HAIR!  I know.  We were creeped out by this one.

Wreaths #16

Weren’t these wreaths, etc. beautiful?  Even the last one was colorful and creative, but we could do without the hair.  Have you been inspired?  We hope so!



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    Oh how I love Williamsburg at Christmas! I can walk those streets gazing and admiring the door wreaths all day! Truly an amazing place to get your Christmas spirit going! Yes, I think I could have done without the hair too!