DIY French Christmas Matches

French matches #2

 A DIY Christmas Project

Christmas gifts that are meaningful, easy, affordable, and quick are hard to come by, but we have cooked up one just for you.  A few years ago, we shared a little printing project for you that involved turning a plain box of kitchen matches into some “oh la la” French matches.  Well, we have reinvented that little craft and made it into a Christmas creation.  We thought a nice gift for teachers, neighbors, and friends would be a fragrant candle accompanied by some French allumettes (candles.)  To make it old-fashioned, the box of matches would cost 25 centimes, but the French use euros now for their currency.  Centimes, which are cents in French, went by the wayside in 1999.

 DIY French Christmas matches - The 2 Seasons

The How To

This project is so very simple to do.  All you will need is some cute scrapbook paper, a box of kitchen matches, a glue stick, and a computer.  I simply picked out some old fashioned fonts on Word and spaced them to fit on the match box.  I always love plaids for Christmas, so I used a red plaid piece of scrapbook paper that I cut to fit into our printer.  I considered using plaid Christmas wrapping paper but decided it wasn’t thick enough and might get stuck in the printer.  Once the printing was finished, I used the match box and outlined it on the paper.  Then I cut it out and attached it to the match box with a glue stick.  A glue stick works best because you can rub the glue over every inch of the match box top and bottom.  That’s all there is to it.

 French matches #3

If you need a candle with a winter fragrance, we highly recommend this one.  It is a little pricey, but it is sooooo worth it.  Our next choice would be this Yankee candle.


Let us know if you did this project and how it turned out for you.


Take care.


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